Deeks: Nell, what's your stance on 'Magnum, P.I.'?
Nell: Me, I'm more of an 'A-Team' girl.
Deeks: That's unfortunate.

Bike shop employee [to Nell]: My name is Rex, and your first name is ...?
Granger: Her first name is Special.

Granger: That was a good first day.
Anna: Thank you. Does that mean you'll have me back?
Granger: Maybe.
Anna: Maybe?
Nell: That's high praise coming from Granger Danger.

That's sexist and wrong on so many levels.

Deeks [to his mother]

Deeks: I want to be that guy, but what if I can't do it?
Hetty: That won't happen, because you're going to give her everything she needs to get better.

Kensi is a special agent, not a secret agent, which is fortunate, considering you just told a group of strangers. And technically, I'm a cop.

Deeks [to his mother]

Callen: Remember, distract them, don't shoot them.
Anna: I don't always shoot.

Callen: I don't want to hear a thing about your tight calves or your chafed nipples.
Sam: You definitely don't want to hear about my rectus femoris.

Nell: She said 'Honey Badger don't mess around.'
Sam: What the hell does that mean?
Nell: I was afraid to ask.

If looks could kill. Oh, wait! They do!


Nell: Usually I drive a Mini, so this is a whole lot of car for me right now.
Deeks: You realize you're playing right into a stereotype, right?
Nell: Oh, definitely. And you realize I'm sitting on a first-aid kit to see over the steering wheel, right?

Don't mess with Kensi, because she can do good cop, bad cop all by herself. She just uses her good eye and her weird eye.

Deeks [to Nell]