NOOOOO! Rachel Loses Her Voice on Glee

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As the Fox promo for "Laryngitis," depicts, tragedy strikes Glee next week:

Rachel loses her voice.

This troubling development takes place during a rendition of Miley Cyrus' "The Climb," as Rachel struggles to hit... well, any note. But tell that to Brittany, who hilariously bounces along to Berry's wobbling performance in the clip below:

[video url="" title="Failing to Climb"] [/video]

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omg HI-LARIOUS i died laughing!! and your are soo right Steven.


OMG HI-LARIOUS i died listening!! and your too right Steven =D


Agree w/"Mrs Shepherd Dempsey"-Rachel, a.k.a. Lea Michele, can sing circles around Miley Cyrus!!! Can't wait for this new episode!


i sing like that all the time... lol


Thank god. At least this weak we'll see more people getting the spotlight. Jesse is probably back at Vocal Adrenaline.

Mrs sheperd dempsey

Still better then Miley Cyrus! :)


Sooooo funny, can't wait to see this episode, Brittany seems to like it et Mike looks like he wants to cry :-D and yes WHERE IS JESSE ???


I bet that was really hard for her to do as a singer. Brittanyh cracked me up, but then she always does. It took a while for Rachel to realize that she wasnt singing right which is weird because someone like her would notice that quickly.


wow. Miley Cyrus has never sounded better!


Gotcha, Rachel. Losing your voice for a while, eat that sh*t! Hahaha..

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