Parenthood Promo: "Solace"

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What did you think of the latest Parenthood episode? Read the TV Fanatic review and sound off now.

Glancing ahead, NBC airs a new installment of the show on May 11. Titled "Solace," it will focus on the following developments...

  • Zeek moves in with Adam and Kristina.
  • Camille spends time on her art.
  • Julia attempts to get her father out of debt... with the assistance a former college flame.
  • Amber feels guilty about betraying Haddie.
  • Crosby considers settling down with Jasmine and Jabbar.

In other words, there's A LOT to come. Watch the trailer below:

[video url="" title="Solace Promo"] [/video]

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Parenthood Quotes

Amber, you know, I was two years in Viet Nam. Do you know what I thought about, what I dreamt about? Coming home, having a family, having grandkids. I dreamt you, Amber. And Haddie, and Drew, and Sydney and Max. We almost lost ya Amber. You've had some bad breaks. You're not feeling good about yourself. You didn't get into Berkeley? Well boo friggin who. You got to suck it up girl, you're a Braverman. You got my blood in your veins. If you ever do something like this again, if you even think of doing something like this again, I will kick your little butt all the way from here to the Golden Gate Bridge. You do not have my permission to mess with my dreams. Are we clear?


Amber, life will knock you down more times than you can possibly imagine. Don't knock yourself down.

Adam [to Amber]

Parenthood Music

  Song Artist
On my way back home On My Way Back Home Band of Horses iTunes
Song Smile Evil Twins
Well runs dry Well Runs Dry Peter Case iTunes