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Ruby: I'll be in my room. Oh and by the way, the window doesn't even open. It's like a freaking prison.
Hank: Oh, it's not. We'll be in a prison tomorrow and you'll know the difference.

Max: What are we doing?
Kristina: We're watching paint dry.
Max: I don't like metaphors.
Kristina: It's not a metaphor. We're literally watching paint dry.

Zeek: Can we stop chatting.
Sarah: We're not chatting, dad, we're bonding.

Amber: Now we're like old. We're like real life grownups, dude.
Haddie: Wow.
Amber: I'm gonna have a baby.

Crosby: Dad, I would like to play craps if we're gonna stay, after a few hands, if you're in for a different game?
Zeek: That's my boy!

Hank: Really?
Sarah: Is there still a tomato in the room?
Hank: No tomato and I'm lookin' right at ya.

Wow. You know, when you're not such a pain in the ass you're a pretty sweet guy.


You know something grandson? Let me tell you a secret. You're not a very good mover, really. But from the very beginning, I was doing this for you. It's yours. Have fun.


When two girls are kissing does that mean they're lesbians?


Drew! I love you.


She fell asleep about two hours ago. I've had to pee for about an hour.


It's also spore free in there so feel free to take deep, deep breaths.

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Drew! I love you.


Hi grandpa, I have pubic hair.


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