The Good Wife Promo: Cary Ends Up Where?!?

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We gave the most recent episode of The Good Wife a 4.7 out of 5 stars because it settled the Alicia/Cary competition in a fascinating manner that set up future storylines well.

Based on the following promo for the May 18 installment, it doesn't look like we need to wait long see where Cary ends up and how his bitterness toward Alicia may affect her and her family...

[video url="" title="Hybristophilia Promo"] [/video]

Also on tap for this episode: the return of Dylan Baker as accused killer Colin Sweeney.

He was brilliant on "Bad."

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Hey! I can't make out what childs is saying to carry in the bar?

Matt richenthal

"This is not fair. I was stupid. I acted like it would be."


I can't make out what Carey's saying at 00:15?


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Reese Dipple's the reason you're not at the firm. You sway Peter on this bill and Dipple will sprinkle rose petals as you step off the elevator.


It's hard to be on this side.