This Week's Glee Episode: Did You Love It?

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Olivia Newton-John. Molly Shannon. And Sue in a leotard.

How could anyone not have loved this week's episode of Glee?!?

While we work on our weekly recap and review of the Fox series, replete with the latest Glee quotes, music and more, we wanna know what you thought of "Bad Reputation."

Where did it fit into this season? What did you make of Sue and Newton-John's Physical duet? Return to TV Fanatic tomorrow for a complete rundown of the episode and sound off below...

Molly Shannon on Glee

What did you think of Bad Reputation?

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Glee Quotes

I had sex with you because you got me drunk on wine coolers and I felt fat that day. But it was a mistake.

Quinn [to Puck]

[to Rachel] You and I both know how this thing ends. I don't know how, or when, and I don't care where you're living or what dope you're shacked up with. You're my girlfriend. We are endgame. I know that and you know that.