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Tonight on Grey's Anatomy, Bailey preps the team with mandatory sensitivity training prior to admitting a 700-pound patient, Derek was forced to defend the hospital in a wrongful death deposition, and a heart patient’s daughter opened up some old wounds for Cristina.

What did you think of "How Insensitive"? Sound off now!

TV Fanatic's recap and official Grey's Anatomy review will be posted soon, as the dust settles and we gear up for an exciting final two weeks of the current sixth season.

For now, we want to hear your thoughts on this week. Did it live up to expectations? Did you like it? Why or why not? Are you happy with the show's overall direction?

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Being Chief means more than just practicing medicine for Derek.

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What did you think of tonight's Grey's Anatomy, "How Insensitive"?

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Mer did choose to honor her husband's wishes and did keep quite about Owen to Cris. But I hope in 6.22 it's Cris who realises that Owen loves Teddy, and that Mer is there to support her. Then owen can only blame himself, cos he knows Mer didn't say anything. I am liking Hunt less and less. I know there was a spolier that said Avery was gonna hook up with a long term character. I thought it would be Lex, but she's otherwise involved. So now I thinK its Cris


Love love love the episode! So many comments already said this but we need to say it again:
SANDRA OH DESERVES AN EMMY! Ships: (that are breaking [and breaking my heart])
Owen and Cristina
Callie and Arizona I love Owen and Cristina. They are just... something amazing, you know? And Callie and Arizona. They are MFEO. Both the couples are MFEO. But the other (Callie and Owen) have mixed feelings or just want something. Callie wants a baby. Owen doesn't know WHO he wants. Little by little, I see him just liking and realizing his true feelings for Teddy. And so, it's just really messed up. But I hope Cristina, Owen, Callie, Arizona, heck, EVEN TEDDY, at least finds some happiness in a stable relationship. Ships: (I hope are going to make it in the future)
Owen and Teddy (Don't kill me!)
Cristina and Jackson (Don't kill me!)
Alex and Lexie (Don't kill me!) I have a feeling that Owen and Teddy are going to end up together and ultimately, that breaks my Crowena heart. :( But I feel like there is a connection of some sort.
Cristina and Jackson. I feel like there's a connection there, too.
Alex and Lexie. By far, I think this is the couple who I think is going to make it. I really like them together (I've never really liked Slexie. They're cute but...) and I hope it just isn't a rebound. Loved the episode. :) lol


Together with the previous episode, this has probably been the best GA of this season....I'm glad producers decided to bring back the old GA style even if with new characters!


@ anonymous It is just an opinion, and I said to finish the series out (meaning their contract more specifically). As for Meredith this episode/season. I thought that during season 4/5 she was becoming more secure and stable. Let's face it, the reason EP hasn't had a lot of air time is because she chooses to work part time which cuts down on air time. That's her choice and I'm not going to "freak out" over it. Just calm down =). Once again, I said it would of been wise to wait until the series ended (or contract).


Well, I don't blame EP for choosing to have a baby now. Biological clock is ticking, she felt it was the time, good for her. She still made time for her fans in the show, so I applaud her for that. @JDC, I wasn't that angry that Derek rant off to someone else, but I was mad that Cristina did blow off Meredith. It wasn't pathetic but human. I found Derek's golf practice to be walking his anger out before going home and make more damage than the one he already has. He didn't even talk to Mark about it. So his walking away, I understood. I didn't with Cristina. Hunt is taking huge pieces out of her.


wow.... these threads have been some of the most selfish posts i have ever seen. if EP wants to start a family, let her have a family. she's 40 years old... u want her to wait like what 5 more years til YOU are bored with the series?! who says that? i understand that some may put professional life over personal life... i am very much the same way... but i havent spent the LAST 40 YEARS of my life doing so... also, i dont believe Mer was just left all alone... i think this season has been about showing her maturity and her growth as a person. yea she had a crap-tastic day... but shes not that dark n twisty person any more... shes gotten to a place in her life where she is comfortable and secure in her own skin... its a GOOD thing... its nice to see her as a strong and independent woman who is healthy and happy. yes, with Der's new job position they are going to have new obstacles to overcome... and there will probably be some conflict in the near future in their relationship, but i think theyre at a point where they are stronger than their surroundings.


@ Humbugged That doesn't surprise me one bit. Ellen has been drifting away because of her personal life. EP is slowly turning into Katherine Heigl. I don't want to sound selfish when I say this, but someone said it earlier when EP said she was done in two years. Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl should of waited to have children until the series was over. EP, PD (recently anyways), and other actors/actresses have gotten "most" of their publicity and money from this series in the last two decades. Wouldn't it be smart to postpone some of your personal life until the series was over? This may sound wrong and none of my business which it isn't, I just think it would of been a better decision to wait. I can't blame EP because she said she has been holding it off for quite some time; having children that is. I just wish she would of waited so she could spend more time working on Grey's. Oh well though, I for one am the type of person to choose professional life over personal (probably will change when I meet "the one").


@JDC & MerDer4Ever Ellen when she was on The View this week said that they had let her come back early but work part time and seemed happy about it. So its EP's choice to work less


@ JDC It's like Mer barley have lines and a real SL:( I hope it will change in the finale and next season. Oh and Owen was a big bully! I find it hard to believe that some people are defending that jerk. All they see is arms and forget what he did. He was a bully and so unprofesional. Mer took all the crap because a freakin' look.


@ MerDer4EveR I should of included Owen unprofessionally kicking her out after she scrubbed in on that surgery... This is why I feel he is so immature. Cristina told Meredith not to intertwine her personal/professional life into one but her own boyfriend does it. How pathetic. They might as well just kill Meredith now. I mean this episode made me temporarily hate my own favorite character, Derek. I feel like they are expecting Meredith to be written of the show as they get more distant from her. Not even just the story lines are gaining distance, but so have the other characters recently.


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