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True Blood Season 3 Preview: Sookie Straddles Eric!

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On season three of True Blood, we already know Eric will be shirtless and Sookie will be desperate to find Bill.

But how will these two characters interact with one another? Based on the latest HBO preview below, the answer can be summed up in two words: in bed.

Indeed, there are other developments in this promo (Jessica bares her fangs, and Bill gets surrounded by werewolves) - but it's the final shot that ought to have fans buzzing.

Watch it now, and get even more excited for True Blood to return on June 13:

[video url="" title="Promo for Season Three"] [/video]

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when is season 3 coming to sky digital or rte irish station


does any one actually now when series 3 comes to sky digitil on fx i dont get hbo


i wanted to say "soon" not late on my first post (sorry I'm french^^)


I agree with @Lia. A kind of shapeshifter who took Sookie's body could go with the trailer. I really really wants them to be together but it's seems to late for me on the show, she's looking dor Bill as far as we know she loves him so...and I don't think it's a dream either! Just have to wait and see!


damn im so excited!! it's prolli not a dream but im guessing she is trying to get eric to do something he might not want to do hence her saying seductively "want more?" ^.^


nope... i dont think its a dream... they get pretty freaking close to doing it in the 3rd book... soooo..


It might be a stupid guess but i think someone (or something) is going to take sookie's appearance and try to get Eric to do.. well something. Remember in the preview ? We saw Sookie pointing a gun at eric and him shouting "who sent you?" back. I dont know, everything seem possible in this world...


yep deffo a dream, remember she still has his blood in her body so it'll be another fantasy. but it might be Eric's......


Sammy; I really think they are done with dreams, at least i hope they are.


It is all a dream...but whos?? Eric or Sookie???