What Did You Think of the Gossip Girl Season Finale?

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Well, Upper East Siders?

"Last Tango, Then Paris" just wrapped Gossip Girl's third season in shocking fashion. Gossip Girl spoilers promised OMG twists, and the producers certainly delivered them.

Whether you liked them is a different story, however. The events playing out Monday night may leave some fans dazed as we await the start of Season Four in September.

We'll save our editorializing for tomorrow morning's review and Round Table, and turn it over to you right now. What did you think of the season finale? Are you let down?

Are you willing to continue this wild roller coaster in the fall and see where things end up? Or would you have preferred a different resolution to the season this evening?

Weigh in on Gossip Girl with comments and votes below ...

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The Gossip Girl season finale, "Last Tango, Then Paris," was ...

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I watched the few 1st eps from s4, and it wasn't funny, but Chuck's alive! Thank god!!! ♥
and I didn't like when Blair dumped Chuck, because I think they're ment or each other, and for what I've read, I believe they're getting together (again) in the season 4, so you better watch it!!


I saw the trailer of season 4 so and their was dan with a baby so it was no fake but I dont understand curse did he really spent the night with georgina??
I cant imagine chuck not being in this season without him its boring so he is pretty sure in it.


Gossip Girl 2 hi season of the half started, but I love or chucka I love some people always Nate like're all I like it, but chuck me different is coming, but friends very much like they do not love you, Chuck Bass that ed:), my English so there:)


i think that episode is the best of the serie!one question, who is the song what appears at the moment that jenny is criying to eric?
sorry my english is not perfect ;)


best episode of the whole series, wow just when you think that gossip girl is dead and buried BANG! it comes back outta nowhere it set up so much up for the character for next season as this show is a character show, jenny and chucks redemption, dan battling his feelings for serena i love it, i love it, i love it!! AND georgina preggers?! WTF!


I'll make a small post about the negative and positive parts of the finale: First let's talk about the bad: I think if I made a list of 100 things why season 3 sucked so much hardcore ass, 75 things would come from this damn episode. It was just SO LAME! Dan and Serena? Seriously, people, SERIOUSLY? Maybe the producers think the ratings have gone down because of the lack of that retarded couple, but NO. The ratings have gone down, because the entire season has been friggin' awful. The only thing I liked this season was Nate and Serena, because hello, that was like hinted through seasons 1 and 2 and it was about damn time. And now, she went back to DAN?! All the people in Manhattan (Plus NATE) and she goes back to her stepbrother? Who she doesn't even have chemistry with? Jeez. And they've killed Chair. Completely and utterly MURDERED them throughout the season. In the finale they totally axed them for me (and it has nothing to do with the lameass 'noooo, not the ring, I'd die for it' shooting scene) . I'm SICK of this lovey-dovey BS that is so not Chuck and Blair. And when he proposed to her - Oh for the love of god, what the fuck are the writers THINKING?? Not only is it so out of character, it's also NOT romantic and definitely not okay for 18-19 year olds. Also the fact that Chuck slept with Jenny (No matter how *sad* both of them are), makes just about as much sense as if he had banged an elephant. Except I prolly would've reacted better to the friggin' elephant banging. See, people, I had hope for the finale. That maybe thye could at least end this season full of horsepoo on a good note. That maybe if Georgina was going to be back, she'd bring drama and awesome storylines. However... now I just hope she takes that extremely creepy and fake looking whalestomach of hers and smothers the friggin writers with it. Please. Make my day. Throughout the season characters and storylines have popped up just to completely disappear without another word. Where the fuck did Chuck's mom go? What about Jack? What happened to the stepbrother? Carter? Serena's dad? Where the fuck was Vanessa through the craptastic finale, during which she should've kept a tight leash on her true love and all that? Since we had to suffer through their mating ritual and all? The huge amount of plotholes and cheese in the finale made me finally give up. I've been patient through this season, hoping that the TV show I used to love SO friggin MUCH would go back to the glory it used to have. The days before shoulderpads; uberrandom hookups and pairings pulled out from someone's ass. R.I.P Gossip Girl. R.I.P OH! I was supposed to bring out the positive sides. Right. So... 1) Jenny's gone.
2) See above. Anyways, I'm done with Gossip Girl now. The awesomeness of Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick used to keep me watching this. However, even they are not worth the retardness of the show anymore. ...


I seriously cried from the part where Chuck is about to propose to Blair!


@ponk I assumed it was Harry but dont really know and the producers of this show wouldnt have picked a random ring for Blair. I know alot of thought would have gone into it like everything else in GG.


@Mr Ed lover I hope its Harry Winston!

I adore chair

I'm always going to love Chuck and Blair.. no matter how much Chuck Ass screws up..We all know that all of those hookups mean nothing (vuck, chenny) . It really hasn't been the first time in a drama where someone sleeps with someone elses "enemy"... I was pissed when Brooke slept with Chris Keller on One Tree Hill. Same instance where Lucas didn't get there in time and Brooke was feeling down and needed comfort. The only thing I hate is that he took J's virginity..and that Chuck lied to Blair. But I truly believe all of this is repairable in time. I think each season there is something special or something epic is said, and even amazing scenes that have satisfied me CB wise....So I know they will become a stronger couple in the long run.. I don't think Chuck will die but it might be cool to play with the idea of being in a coma.. Josh Schwartz really needs to take notes from Mark Schwann (OTH) because he seems to have an understanding of how to keep couples together and still make things interesting. They played with a coma idea for Nathan and it turned out to be a great episode. I totally not saying to trust the writers (because we know they like some good hash even more than Chuck Bass does) but lets see where they take this.


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