90210 Caption Contest: Volume XIV

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Well played, "maggieh10."

This TV Fanatic called out 90210 on this week's Caption Contest, taking the show to task for how it often resorts to desperate gimmicks (girls kissing.. girls fighting...) in the name of ratings.

It was enough to garner her the top spot for this edition. Congratulations and best of luck to all participants next week! We hope you come back and play again!

Fight Pic

Liam: Naomi, why do we have to do this. We look stupid.
Naomi: Ratings.

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Tune in next week as Annalynne continues to over act, and Gillian struggles to make a facial expression.................


Naomi: I can't BELIEVE she took my frickin' vagasil!


Naomi: You're trying out for "Into The Blue" too? DAMMIT!


NAOMI: Are you telling me that we are gonna be stuck on this fugly island for a WEEK!? READ MY LIPS: I.NEED.HAIR.PRODUCT! IVY: Liam her lips said I peed in on that rare duck! LIAM: Gross thats discusting Naomi, c'mon ivy lets swim back ourselves and leave this grossty little biotch here.....shes skinny anyway...thats why she'll die....c'mon hurry!


Liam: Naomi, why do we have to do this. We look stupid.
Naomi: Ratings.


Ivy: yes, the rum is gone.
Liam: because it is a *vile* drink that turns even the most respectable woman into complete scoundrels!
Ivy: ..Liam we're talking about Naiomi.. respectable?


Naomi: You bitch! You stole my hair straightener!
Ivy: Seriously? Have you actually ever seen my hair?
Liam: Honey, calm down. I took it.


IVY: Well if your protecting Naomi, our future together is over Liam! NAOMI: Thats right bitch HIIIIIYA! liam: The future is still unwritten... (lol i loved that line from liam bc it is so cheesy!!)


Ivy: Pfff...bulimic twit.
Naomi: I AM NOT BULIMIC! I just have this disease where I fall a lot and my finger accidentally falls in my mouth.


Naomi: Do it yourself highlights my ass! I have a personal stylist!
Ivy: Don't hate me because you're roots are showing.

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