90210 Caption Contest: Volume XV

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Our thanks to everyone that submitted an entry to this week's 90210 Caption Contest.

Most of you went with the same general theme: Jen is an easy gold digger.

But we awarded "Casey" the top prize for the caption posted below the photo. Think this user was a worthy winner? If not, try to stop his/her response and play this game against next week. Good luck to all!


Jen, give it up! The horse is rich and famous and would never go for a skanky girl like you.

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Yay! I won! Thanks 90210 Caption Contest! I enjoy doing these every Friday! :)


Naomi ( thinking ) And then there were two..


Jen: Isn't she a doll
Naomi( thinking ) hmm, looks a lot like Lindsay from one tree hill..


Naomi: Now, now Jen. You can do better than this hairy fellow. Why don't you go and find someone else's boyfriend?


Jenn - Wow this horse is the only one in this room that hasn't slept with Liam yet. Horse- That's what she thinks.


Jen: Look at this horse
Naomi: hmmm, looks just like you


JEN: What a pony? It is awesome because it is a My Little Pony! I'll take him! NAOMI: He is positivley perfect! We can dress him up in pretty dresses and skirts and tons of sparkles! HORSE: Kill.Me.Now.


Jenn : doesn't he's cute?
Naomi : yeah, sure did (while looking at Jenn's ass)


Naomi - Turn around Continental Accent. Jen - You are right, he does look like teddy!


Naomi: at least if you guys don't work out, you can sell the horse. he won't even care what you look like, as long as you have a carrot.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.