A.J. Cook: Out of Criminal Minds

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After five seasons as a main cast member on Criminal Minds, A.J. Cook has been dropped from the show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, CBS chose not to pick up the actress' contract option for next season, citing financial concerns as the chief reason for this shake-up. Cook has portrayed the character of Jennifer Jareau since 2005.

A.J. Cook

Elsewhere, fellow cast member Paget Brewster will likely remain a series regular. However, she'll appear in fewer episodes that most seasons due, once again, to budgetary concerns.

** UPDATE: A source now says Cook was let go for "creative" reasons and a new actress will come aboard the series.

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i luv criminal minds have all seasons on dvd but cutting jj is awful does cbs not relise she makes the show she is the one person everyone relates to this show is gonna crash and burn now and your spin off is crap it wont be watched half as much as original. use the money on original and keep fans happy after all if it wasnt for us you wouldnt be making money.


Great. Criminal Minds WAS my favourite show, but with these changes, I will not be watching anymore. Seasons 1-2 were the best, anyway, and I have them on DVD- the only CM fix I'll be getting from now on. Does anyone know if AJ Cook has publicly said anything about this? And will the character of JJ stay on but be portrayed by the new cast member, or will they introduce an entirely different character? So pissed off about this, although I might watch an episode of the spinoff for the lulz.


This is insane, first they get rid of Elle, the Gideion, now JJ? For Jordan!! They are very stupid. Drop Emily, drop Rossi, but if they touch my JJ I will stop watching forever. What are they going to say the reason she left was?


She's the only reason I watch this show...I guess I'll have to be satisfied with reruns.


I'm rather disappointed... I would prefer that they make David Rossi a regular instead of Prentiss. And letting JJ go because of creative reasons? I think they can go far with this character, I even thought they missed some great potential storylines in previous episodes...


JJ is basically the only one people can easily rselate to ... her last ep. will be mine.....i'm sorry but if all i'm going to see is guys walking around w. gunns kicking in doors .and the cast getting used to some new chik replacing JJ .. i'm out ... i'm kinda into the whole diversity thing ..


Once again they are screwing up a good show & will end up losing viewers. Don't understand their thinking. If it isn't making the show gorier/weirder/sexier & ruining it that way, then they get rid of the cast that MADE the show. I will guess this will be another one bites the dust on my list. So sad. Not much worth watching anymore... Sigh.


It just proves it is a mans world, what's wrong with these people?


Unfortunately this seems to be just a continuation of a horrible trend for CBS. Seemingly the more fans “invest� in shows and characters, CBS values the same shows and the characters less and less. The Unit, Cold Case, and Numbers were all shows with large ensemble casts. Whenever a show is successful and goes beyond a certain period of time (maybe 5 years?), CBS wants the show to “cut costs�. This usually means killing off its stars or spinning off a cheaper version of the show. In some ways, this would seem to be similar to a company “off shoring� its workforce for cheaper non-union labor. Talentless money makes like reality TV is what networks like CBS are after. More and more I find I am enjoying shows from the cable networks. FX has Damages and Justified, TNT has Leverage and The Closer, USA has Burn Notice and In Plain Sight, and AMC has Mad Men and Breaking Bad. I will join in with your many fans in signing the on line petition, but alas I am afraid it will fall upon deaf ears. The tired old execs at CBS can’t hear the response from fans over the sound of the cash registers ringing!


Totally agree with you BIG DOG...NICS LA sucks big time they could have used the money to improve props on NCIS. I hated that they had better S**T that the original NCIS felt like a slap in the face. I DONT want a spin off of CM I want them to improve the original...Another slap in the face getting rid off AJ and cutting Paget just to bring a new female...BULLS**T!!!. I dont mind new characters in a show but not at the cost of the shows character. JJ called the team family and I would thing that was a message that TPTB WANTED OUT THERE and for what so they could turn arround and STAB FAMILY MEMBERS IN THE BACK. CM (the one and only) and ORIG NCIS are/were the any reason I had to watch CBS. CBS you are a disgrace.


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