Criminal Minds Casting Update: AJ Cook to Appear on Two Episodes

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Criminal Minds fans have spoken, and CBS has sort of listened.

Following the disappointing news that series regular AJ Cook has been let go from the drama, fans started an online petition to save her job. The result? The actress will appear on two episodes this fall to tie up her character's storyline.

Cook Tweeted yesterday:

Criminal Minds Tweet

Meanwhile, a source confirms that Paget Brewster will appear in about 80% Criminal Minds' episodes next season - which will be her final one on the show.

Also,the show is casting for a new female agent.

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No one is interested in a spin off of Crimianl Minds. I stopped watching Law and Order and CSI becuase of spin offs. Too much of a good thing is not such a good thing. People like variety, you mean there is not enough creative people in this world that you couldn't come up with a completely new show for Forrest Whitaker to play in. This decision to cut major characters from a one show to fund new character on a new show is stupid. What if the new show is a flop? You have just put two good people out of work, ruined a perfectly good show - correction - ruined a perfectly perfect show and lost your fan base. Let them find their own fan base and raise their own money to pay for their characters and leave Criminal Minds alone. REALLY STUPID DECISION!!!


im only 14 but i have loved criminal minds for a long time and have gotten to of my sibblings hooked my fave chatater is J.J played by AJ Cook both Cooks and Brewsters charaters have gotten me interested in the field and are great role models to all females in a work which men mostly dominent i am not sure if i will even watch criminal minds anymore as you taking out the best bits is just wrongand i feel no remorse for CBS as they willingly are losing a mass of fans good luck trying to your ratings back up when they drop and they will i guess you just like ruining lives


The actors of Criminal Minds have a great dynamic going. There has already been so much cast shuffling, with the loss of Lola Glaudini shortly after the beginning of the series, then the addition of Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss in her place. Then, Mandy Patikin is also gone, replaced with Joe Mantagna, who I find resembles the character of Aaron Hotchner too much to be a good balance. I think that they should leave the team as it is.
I am sick to my stomach to hear of this. I love J.J., I love what she brings to the screen. I have always loved A.J. Cook's work, and I think that her place on Criminal Minds can never be filled. I found that she was extremely missed during the time in which she had her baby, and now that she is really leaving the show, I think that I won't be as enthusiastic for it now. As for Paget Brewster, I have always been a bit iffy on Emily's character, but, for both of them, to just get rid of them now is an extreme insult to both the actresses and the fans of Criminal Minds. I have loved Criminal Minds, but I fear that the love will fade without the characters that are truly treasured. I also fear that, bit by bit, they will completely replace the cast until no one from the first season is left. I view these changes as a huge misake.


Well, if they were smart they would took too the cast and tell them with the hope they drop their payment. Why sack someone that everyone loves? Is it cause she is a woman? Cause she would not give into the creators sexual desires? What?

Matt richenthal

@Aries93: It's a money issue. The new actress will make A LOT less money than AJ Cook was making.
CBS is miles ahead of the other networks is total viewers and ratings, so it would take a mammoth drop for the network to actually go downhill - but fans of this show seem rather passionate. Should be interesting to see what happens.


JJ is seriously my fave character on Criminal Minds. I probably won't watch without her and for sure won't watch with this new girl.


That's it? 2 episodes? Well, after AJ has appeared in her 2 episodes, I am wrapping up my storyline with the show. Thank you for nothing CBS. For nothing at all. Cannot wait till your TV Station goes down hill. Also, you're adding a new female character to the show? WTH? Clearly you already HAD a female cast member, who of which you let go. Is it me or are you just plain stupid?


It's sad that she has to leave, but the weird thing is that they're casting for a new female agent. Why not let AJ stay and give also her 80%..


I'm still very angry. It's a shame to treat these actresses like that. No proper exit can exist for AJ. Shame on them to treat Paget like that too. I really feel bad for them. The channel is ungrateful and insulting. CM has still good ratings, lots of fans want them to stay on the show, why changing it ? This is truly senseless. It's hard to explain for as far as I'm concerned CBS ruined something. It won't be the same again, this show is going to be empty. Like they ruined Without A Trace, they're ruining for Criminal Minds for stupid reasons. Even if William William Petersen, Gary Dourdan and Jorja Fox left CSI for different reasons, fans are disappointed and it's not like before. It's the same for CM. I do believe they will lose viewers. Shame on the channel, it's the most watched in the USA but if they keep ruining what's best at the tv it won't last.


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