Criminal Minds Petition: Save AJ Cook and Paget Brewster!

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Criminal Minds fans are angry.

Upon learing that A.J. Cook has been let go from the series, and that Paget Brewster will appear on a reduced number of season six episodes as Emily Prentiss, viewers are crying "sexism!" and expressing outrage over these casting decisions.

Unfortunately, little can be done about them at some point - but that isn't stopping dedicated viewers from trying.

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An online petition has been created, which reads:

It is a travesty of modern society that a network would make such a blatantly sexist decision. Everywhere in the world, women are devalued for getting married, for taking our husbands' surnames, for having children, or for having only female children and no male children, or for simply being women...

A tad extreme? Perhaps. But we admire the passion and you can sign the petition HERE.

CBS is yet to comment on the controversy, but we'll continue to pressure the network for a response.

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When you have a good cast, why do you screw things up by getting rid of 2 good stars?


i don't care that jj is going. they can get a new, better, prettier, less annoying liaison. hate her. they should really keep paget. she's good. do not like seaver. throw her in the trash with jj. bring back jordan. it's not that sexist if garcia stays. die jj n seaver. live jordan, emily and garcia. all the guys stay. if you have comments, message me at fanpop, i'm .


A J is the bomb. Bring her back.


Without Cook and Brewster show will not be the same. When you have a good thing going why are you so determined to mess with it. People that don't like the show then they need to get over it. Look at CSI I don't even bother anymore chopped that poor show to death.


Soooo glad JJs back she is Gorgeous


JJ and Prentiss help make the others look good. Need to bring
them back if show is to survive cbs cuts.


i would only watch if paget/ emily comes... we should all sign petition to bring her back don't watch till emily comes back


What are you thinking??? Paget Brewster AND AJ cook were core to you cast. The show is sterile without them the new girl lacks dimension. I Bad mistake... Don't have the desire to watch anymore


Really u gon get rid of emily and JJ and u gon continue da show without them like they wasnt there. Bastards!!


C'est les meilleures!!!!!!!


Criminal Minds Quotes

Life is about choices. Some we regret, some we're proud of. We are what we choose to be - Graham Brown


To a father, nothing is dearer than a daughter - Euripides.