Criminal Minds Spoilers: Season Premiere to Explore Prolific Killer

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While Criminal Minds viewers are still raging over the firing of A.J. Cook, we have actual storyline news to deliver for next season.

Following a fifth season finale that featured Tim Curry as a creepy serial killer, the CBS drama will pick back up on this character and this plot as soon as it premieres in the fall.

"He's really the most prolific killer we've ever seen. He's done this his entire life," co-executive producer Erica Messer told TV Guide of Curry's Billy Flynn. "The premiere will have to revisit and say, 'We know it's all about the dark, but why? Where did he start?'"

Tim Curry on Criminal Minds
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does anyone know if derek is ever gonna get shot cause i dont want him to hes my favourite character :(


don't like the cuts and don't watch anymore


don't like the cuts...the pvr will no longer include the show


I fully agree with some of the other people who have posted. If money was an issue... well, then maybe they should not start a spin-off. Especially if they're having problems affording paying two salaries. As I'm sure there's going to be more than two freakin' people on the spin-off...which may or may not succeed. So why mess with the perfection of the original Criminal Minds? Not to mention it's going to be totally sexist with all the profilers being just men now. So CBS get your head out of butt and keep A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster!


I actually agree with the eliminations. If cuts had to be made, then JJ is the first character to eliminate. She's flat, has evolved very little since the beginning, and generates little storyline. Prentiss is a dull, poorly-written, less well-acted female Hotch. I find their much-vaunted relationship very boring. I think the right cuts were made.


I dont like the look of the spin off. Why make it anyway? If getting rid of Pagett and Cook is to do with money, then the producers have just wasted a bucket load of money making a stupid spin off show that no body needs or wants.


OMG!!! I was surprised to hear that JJ and Prentise were leaving! It's like Gilligan getting flown off the island and leaving everyone else! I don't get it! They will be soooo missed and I'll look forward to seeing how well the show does with their absence! Hope they go on to bigger and better things - they deserve it! Miss ya JJ and Prentis...oxoxo Big fan!


As long as Dr. Reid is still there, I don't care who else they get rid of.


If people are watching the show regularly & are loyal fans, it's for a good reason. The chemistry between all the main characters is great and they all compliment each other. They all bring something different to the show which is a good thing. To mess with a recipe that works is stupid to say the least.


why was AJ Cook fired? And why has Emilys role been decreased? Do we know why these stupid decisions were made in the first place?
And yes, Morgan flashing his pearly white nashers all the time calling Garcia 'baby girl' and 'doll face' does get a bit waring as does Garcia's flirting with him.

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