Criminal Minds Spoilers: Season Premiere to Explore Prolific Killer

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While Criminal Minds viewers are still raging over the firing of A.J. Cook, we have actual storyline news to deliver for next season.

Following a fifth season finale that featured Tim Curry as a creepy serial killer, the CBS drama will pick back up on this character and this plot as soon as it premieres in the fall.

"He's really the most prolific killer we've ever seen. He's done this his entire life," co-executive producer Erica Messer told TV Guide of Curry's Billy Flynn. "The premiere will have to revisit and say, 'We know it's all about the dark, but why? Where did he start?'"

Tim Curry on Criminal Minds
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it will never be the same without JJ and Emily. they are so pretty and sexy


I hate to say it, but I think that people WILL go on watching the show even after AJ/PAGET screw-up. If we think that the show has an average audience of 14-milion people worldwide, and that a petition on the internet (which is accessable to everyone with a computer) gathered less than 0,5 % of this number in signatures, it would be naive to assume that the show would have a major decay in its ratings because of the girls' matter. It can suffer audience problems for a number of other reasons: quality of the stories, character developments, etc. But not for this. CM has already faced casting shake-ups in the past (male AND female cast), and the show persisted. I'm really sad about not having AJ (and eventually Paget) in the show anymore, but I dont think their departure will jeopardize seriously the show's ratings. CBS would not have taken that decision without studying how much it could affect the show's audience. There's too much money at bay for an experienced network to take irresponsible actions. CBS must have known not all of the fans would agree on it. They've backed out before (e.g. Adam Rodriguez/CSI MIAMI). If they didn't this time, it's because they know they could, and still profit. Let's not be romantic about this. It is not about sex or genre, it is not about creativity. It is, and it'll always be, about MONEY. Simple as that.
As for the article, it is not a spoiler at all. If there's a to-be-continued episode, then obviously the episode's villain will be explored further in the next ep. No surprises here.


its all shocking to hear, in truth aj cook got little in the way of background story so they could at least do her the decency of writing out well, perhaps making her the focus for once... and i thought emily was just getting going so cutting her role makes no sense. spend money to make money and when you have made as much as the producers of this show then 'cutting your cloth accordingly' is irrelevant and needless. this will see a significant drop in female viewers,loyal fans unless they pull a master stroke and beat the quality of the reaper episodes..


no longer watch CSI since the loss of will be the same without JJ and Paget...what is CBS thinking!!!!!!!


I hate it when the "suits" change a show. This show is so awesome because the cases are interesting and the we are emotionally invested in the characters. It is usually the kiss of death to change/kill any major character. I love J.J., she is the "heart" of the team. I was not a Prentiss fan at first, but i have come to really like her. I am curious about how their story lines are going to go. They can take J.J. off by making her a stay at home mom or something, but the BAU always travels as a team, how are the writers going to justify not taking her on every case? I love this show, gosh i hope they don't screw it up. I have watched from the very beginning, i even wrote the date on the calendar before the first show aired months in advance just to make sure i did not miss it. I still watch the repeats on A & E.
And i have to agree with "AJ", a spoiler by definition tells you something you don't know, usually something surprising. I'm sorry, i am just going to say it, if you watched the last show, or any t.v. show season finale in the history of television, and you did NOT think they were going to pick up where they left off, perhaps you would be happier changing the channel to Cartoon Network. :)


In my opinion, firing AJ and reducing Paget is a really dumb idea. If the producers were experiencing financial diffficulties why then did they waste money creating a spin-off? JJ and Prentiss were very essential parts of the show and it will not be the same without them. I wonder how the producers are going to fit this into the show. Are they just going to say JJ, Will and Henry moved to Will's hometown or something of that sort? And wont they need someone on the show to fill JJ's place? If they knew they were going to do this, they could've at least incorporated it into the season 5 finale storyline (which by the way was the lamest finale ever)!


I loved Criminal Minds since I saw the pilot a week after its premier airing in the US, it took me a while to find it online and again to fully understand it. I was 12 years old. Lather then, I watched evey other episodes, first in english, then in german, then the new ones in english again. It became easier and easier to me and I liked the show more and more. I never liked spoilers a lot. Especially, because this text can't be called "spoiler" at all. Of corse the storyline is picked up, there is no reason for NOT solving this case. That wouldn't make any sense at all. Even though I have to admit that the actions taken by CBS haven't made lot of sense recently... I've always been so thrilled and freaked after a season's final, especially after the thrid and fourth. Now the thing that really freaked me out was the hear about the fireing of AJ Cook and the reducing of Paget Brewster! As a lifetime fan of pretty much everything addicted to crime and television, I sort of suffered with my favourite shows characters. I was laughing and crying in front of and screaming at my TV, while everyone else offically took me for crazy. I know that they aren't so wrong about that. But now... I don't care about the final any longer. I know that none of the characters is about to die - CBS is killing both of my favourites, nothing else spectatcular is going to happen.
The only thing I really wanna know is how CBS is going to act in this AJ and Paget thing. They're not gonna change anything, I'm almost sure about that, even though so many people are giving protest. ...whatever, please stop posting such a nonsense, everyone who was born with a brain can figure out by him-/herself how the story is going on. The beginning of season 6 is not the important thing right now. Fans stopped careing about the storyline, but about the show's actors!


A big mistake letting aj cook go


I agree entirely with Sarah Mac and Amy. I'm not interested in spoilers unless they are to tell me that CBS has finally gotten their act together and apologized to AJ Cook and Paget Brewster and reinstated their full-time spots on the show. These women are the characters I watch for, as much as I love actors like Joe Mantegna and Thomas Gibson. Paget Brewster makes the show for me, and seeing JJ kick butt at her job while still having a satisfying and happy home life is wonderful. Come on, TV Fanatic, report on the REAL news here--that CBS is a sexist network paying wife-abusers $2 million an episode while firing strong, intelligent women from what used to be the best show on TV.


If it's not broke, why fix it?????? What is wrong with these producers?? As a female viewer, JJ and Emily have always been personal favorites of mine, and I will not watch without them. I've always found their characters to be the most dynamic and developed. Aaron doesn't smile (we know) and Morgan loves his "baby girl" (we get it)... I could do without that repeat melodrama instead. And, not to mention, cutting the two female leads for no apparent reason is questionable. I'd hate to pull the sexism card, BUT WHAT GIVES??????

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