Criminal Minds Spoilers: Season Premiere to Explore Prolific Killer

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While Criminal Minds viewers are still raging over the firing of A.J. Cook, we have actual storyline news to deliver for next season.

Following a fifth season finale that featured Tim Curry as a creepy serial killer, the CBS drama will pick back up on this character and this plot as soon as it premieres in the fall.

"He's really the most prolific killer we've ever seen. He's done this his entire life," co-executive producer Erica Messer told TV Guide of Curry's Billy Flynn. "The premiere will have to revisit and say, 'We know it's all about the dark, but why? Where did he start?'"

Tim Curry on Criminal Minds
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This is a horrible move on CBS' part. The dynamic between Hotch and JJ--discussing their kids after an especially trying case, etc. is fantastic. I think she makes him more likable, relatable and 'human.' Also, I love the dynamic between Prentiss/Reid, and Prentiss/Morgan. And Paget Brewster is such a fantastic actress that they'd be crazy to let her go or lessen her contract. I guess the silver lining is that fans will still get to see them. Their will definitely be someone with a lot more vision who will snag them up. Neither would be out of work for long.


'We know it's all about the dark, but why? Where did he start?'" ....... where did it start?? HAHAHAAHAHA i love how she talks like if people will still be watching waiting for JJ to get killed or something stupid like that.. lol don't hold your breath honey!!


Sorry CBS, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Why take one of the best shows on t.v. today and let some of the best players go. When will you GUYS come to your senses and hire some females to help u make better decisions? Bad move!!!!


I rarely watch network TV...blame the lack of a good TV Guide... this is ONE of the FEW show I watch on a regular basis. I'm disgusted by the treatment of my favorite show. If they get rid of two main characters, they get rid of me, too! They want to blame some sort of budget issues, don't do a 'spin off' fact, just because of the treatment the actors have received on Criminal Minds, I have NO plans to watch any spin off of it...PERIOD! Oh, and CBS you've pretty much are losing a view(ers) of your entire network... Charlie Sheen deserves a house of many bars...not a pay raise!


Paget and AJ were never appreciated or given any good material. Meanwhile they flooded Matthew Gray Gubler with developed plots and back stories even though the guy can't act his way out of a paper bag. Someone pointed out elsewhere how Charlie Sheen, a man who allegedly threatened to murder is wife on Christmas with a knife, is given a pay raise by CBS. Says a lot about the company and the type of people it values. By the way, the Criminal Minds season finale stunk. It's not entertainment to watch women raped and children kidnapped. The show used to be unique, now it's just another generic crime drama. No wonder Mandy left the show.


I don't care what reasons CBS is citing for this ridiculous removal of AJ and downsizing of Paget and I don't care to hear all about the new cast of the spinoff, or the spoilers for season 6. What I do want to know about season 6 is when CBS is going to get their act together, realize that the fans of the show are seeing through this bulls**t, and rehire AJ and offer Paget full time on the show. The fans aren't fooled - this IS for financial reasons, and they are clearly allocating money to a spinoff that was received porrly to begin with, to pay monstrous salaries to actors like Forest Whitaker. But by doing so, they have cut off two essential characters. Prentiss and JJ offer something no one else on the team can; a serious view of female FBI agents struggling to combine home life and work. To remove this is to remove an entire portion of the show that connects to viewers. THESE CHARACTERS MAKE THE SHOW REALISTIC! Without them, the ensemble cast and the overall tone of the show will change dramatically, and neither will bode well for the future of this show. I for one will not be watching the spinoff series, which is a decision I made after watching the crossover episode, weeks ago. I also will not be tuning in for Season 6 of Criminal Minds unless something is changed about the current situation. So, no, I don't care about the spoilers for season 6, because I don't think I'm the only one who will be keeping the TV turned off Wednesday nights. Well done CBS, instead of saving money, you're going to lose a lot by losing the loyal fans you have so thoroughly managed to piss off.


"While Criminal Minds viewers are still raging over the firing of A.J. Cook, we have actual storyline news to deliver for next season." How tacky of this person to say! No one cares about this rubbish, spoilers are a moot point, when AJ and Paget are being treated so horribly. The season finale wasn't very impressive, including Tim Curry's villian. Foyett and Frank were much more impressive. Report on what's relevant, not what CBS tells you to report! Peace, Love and Happiness to You...Sarah


As much as I enjoy reading and hearing about spoilers for my favorite shows, especially Criminal Minds being at the top, the only thing I want to hear is that AJ Cook and Paget Brewster are staying where they belong as Jennifer Jareau and Emily Prentiss, respectively. Nice try though.


This has been my favorite show, and the ONLY show I am loyal too with my busy schedule, but I can safely say without JJ, this show will never be the same. Prentiss too, though at least they're apparently not getting rid of her altogether. The fact of the matter is that this is an ENSEMBLE show, and without all the pieces, the puzzle does NOT work. CBS had better take their collective heads out of their asses and realize that this is a BAD decision.


I like both AJ and Paget...but I can't honestly say I would mind a show with the guys and Garcia. That's a pretty good group right there.

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