Ed Westwick Forced to Quit Band For Gossip Girl

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The number of Gossip Girl stars with side music careers has fallen by one.

While Leighton Meester and Taylor Momsen continue their forays into the music scene, Ed Westwick was forced to give up his place in rock band The Filthy Youth.

The reason was simple: His filming schedule on Gossip Girl was too hectic.

The British actor was once the frontman of the indie group, which is based in the U.K., but admits he could no longer balance his musical career with his acting.

Ed Westwick in a Kilt

Ed Westwick in a kilt. Why? Does he need a reason?

He tells Britain's GMTV, "I do play a little bit of guitar... I was in a band once upon a time. I was singing. It was a good time. I just found myself being so busy."

"Music, I absolutely adore, as I'm sure we all do. It was something that I really enjoyed but it was just so difficult, with the show, to have time for these things."

That is too bad - but for us, more Ed can't be considered a bad thing.

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What's a pity!He should continue singing


thx for the interview link @popbaby :)
luckily Ed gets Chuck not Nate or else Chair wont be that epic without him!
awwww he loves football too and is going to watch the World Cup!!! Too bad he's a Chelsea team, which I hate (I'm a United fan!!!)


hier is Interview, its very intressting :)


I've listened to some of his songs and they're quite good!!!
I think he should continue singing whenever he's free...if Leighton can do it there's no reason he cant!


that's sad that he had to leave his band. but no way it could work if the band was based in the UK. guess we gotta show Ed some extra love from now on, hah!

Al in germany

That's your opinion "guest". But for me his band was a poor half-arsed pastiche of the Libertines. His singing was a terrible impression of Pete Doherty.


He is far better musician than Leighton and Taylor.He is good at being a musician(omg this man is really talented)but if it means less Chuck Bass for us then I would totally say noooo.But after GG he must keep making music.He is adorable hot and cool on singing as he is on acting.

Al in germany

The music biz owes Gossip Girl a debt of gratitude for this service.


"once upon a time.."

Melanie xo

Haha I had no idea:D


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