Eric to "Tough it Out By Himself" on Gossip Girl

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Gossip Girl star Connor Paolo recently chatted with celebrity gossip site in New York, and the 19-year-old actor had this to say on the following topics ...

On his summer plans while Gossip Girl is on hiatus: “I’m supposed to get down to - or up - in Amsterdam and to Montreal and hopefully to go to the beach.”

On his hopes for Eric next season: “Eric is now the only one left in high school. Now is the time to watch him handle stuff on his own considering how many hang-ups he’s had in the past about being alone. Now that Jenny’s gone and his father wasn’t there."

"We really get to see him tough it out by himself.”

Connor photographed by Tyler Shields in New York.

On whether he thinks Eric and Jenny’s relationship will last going forward: “I think it will be strong - absence makes the heart grow fonder, as does drama. So she’s had some drama at the end of this season. Since then, they’ve forged a stronger bond.”

Eric has been rumored to be getting a new boyfriend next season at some point as well. What would you like to see from the youngest VDW in Season Four?

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He is looking good :)


looove the picture! I hope he gets a lot of screen time this season


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Whoaa. He looks great in that picture.

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