Gossip Girl Caption Contest 107

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Welcome to the 107th edition of our weekend Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

Your Gossip Girl Caption Contest winner this week is Liz P. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below the photo. Honorable mentions go out to Blairbearrrrrrrrrr, NYthrowdown and Brazilian Girl. Thanks to all for playing and good luck next week!

Best Friends at a Crossroads

Blair: I promise, S, to find you the best corner in Paris.

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Blair: I love that dress!
Serena: Thank you!
Blair: *looking out the windows* Where are you're curtains?
Serena: What do you think this dress is made of?


Blair: First, you put your right foot forward. Common, Serena, you can do it. Serena: This is hopeless. I'll never remember how to walk.


Blair: Serena, for the last time, no you're not pregnant, I am.


Blake: Ahww, Leigthon, You're hair is looking so nice today!
Leighton: Thanks Blake, I really love that dress!
Director: Okay guys, breaks over, get ready for the next scene!
*Staring to play the scene*
Blair: Seducing Chuck to get back at me? And I thought the dress was horrible!
Serena: Well..Yeah...You got stupid hair!


Blair: Serena, I am so proud of you!
Serena: Uhh, how come, Blair?
Blair: You finally hired a stylist who doesnt expose to much clevage!
Serena: Uhmm, actualy, Blair, I just fired my stylist..
Blair: OMG! *Thinking: So she DOES have some style!* That's amazing!


SERENA: Oh pleeeeeeeease pleasse with a cherry on toppp!!!!! BLAIR: No S, I found it first, so I get the prize! SERENA: I reaaallly wanted that toy though!!!! BLAIR: Too bad, thats what you get when you don't eat your cereal.


Serena: So tell me the truth B. How Do I look in this outfit?
Blair: Dear S. You can't handle the truth!


Blair: Serena, you know I love you, but I refuse to be seen with you while you are wearing that skirt.


Serena: "B, I need to tell you something, I just had my"..
Blair interrupting Serena: "Awwwww S, you had your first period? I'm so proud of you babe".
Serena: " -.- Nop, I was going to tell you that i had my third baby yesterday!"
Blair: "And i thought you really had a chance, what a slut!!"


Serena: Okay Blair, look into my eyes and repeat after me: 'I am not Audrey Hepburn'

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