Gossip Girl Caption Contest 108

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Welcome, Upper East Siders, to the 108th edition of the Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

Your Caption Contest winner this week is SophieBass. Congratulations and well done!

Honorable mentions go out to AL (Awesome Legend), Sxoxo15 and Charlot28.

Check back later today for an all-new edition of the contest. Thanks to all for playing ...

Important Call

Rejection, the New Fragrance by Chuck Bass
- "Because hell hath no fury, like a Chuck Bass scorned"

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ED: So, Leighton we are going to el Paris! I was brushing up on my french so I can impress Clemence! LEIGHTON: El Paris? Well Ed, I speak fluent french so why don't you say french fries, breakfast, and table in french. ED: Yeah sure! Its las papas fritas, el desayuno, y la mesa! LEIGHTON: Close (sarcastic) its frites, petit dejeuner, et liste. Maybe we should just film in Spain...


Chuck to Nate on the Phone:
I'm going to do it Nathaniel!
Nate: No Chuck don't jump!
Chuck: There's nothing left here for me! *Starting to climb*
Nate: Okay, just, tell me where you keep you're black book and you're stash okay?


Mistake: Chuck: You put you're left arm in, you're left arm out. In, out, in, out. Shake it all about! You do the Hockey Cockey and you turn around. And that's what's it all about!
Is that so easy to forget, jenny?!


Chuck: You put you're left arm in, you're left arm out. In, out, in, out. Shake it all about! You do the Hockey Cockey and you turn around. And that's what's it all about!
Is easy to forget, jenny?!


Ed: *speaking with someone on the phone* Yeah, I am on the GG set now. Yes, she's here. What?! No! I'm not going to ask Michelle if Pen did knock her up!


Chuck: *Speaking to a woman on the phone* What I'm wearing?
A grey suit, with a tie, italian shoes. *listen to the woman on the phone* Under? Grey boxers. Yes I am alone. *shock on his face when woman continues* You want me to do what! No only Blair can get me to do that!


chuck: alert alert racoon in sight blair: jennys here? chuck: no its kristen stewart


Blair: you now i'm just gonna hurt you
Chuck:You know i'm just gonna brake your heart
Blair:wanna bet?
Chuck:Games again perfect


Chuck:Listen to me baby,before I love and leave ya ,they call me heart breaker,I don't wanna deceive ya
Blair:Stop calling Chuck i already listen Break your heart by Taio Cruz
Chuck:Just reminding you


just cause I made a mistake while formatting it... Chuck: This is a highly confidential transaction, do you understand Nathaniel? Blair can never know. Take note: I want two of the largest, spiciest and hottest...
Nate (over the phone): Wait, are you trying to have me as your private pimp?
Chuck:...pepperoni pizzas with extra cheese you can find in this island! Blair is on that carb free diet again!
Nate (over the phone): Huh?!
Chuck: And make it fast, those minions in hideous mismatched accessories she´s tearing down are not gonna last much longer!God, I love that woman...

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