Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck is a Changed Man, Nate Has a New Love Interest

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The fourth season premiere of Gossip Girl is just a few months away! Sorry, we know that's awhile, but we prefer to look forward than look back. Anyway, today's spoilers.

When we last left Chuck, we all know he was not in a good place physically or mentally. How will a fallen Bass emerge from the events of last month's third season finale?

Meanwhile, Nate and Serena appeared to break up, or at least take a break. Will they be back together soon? We wouldn't bet on it, based on EW's latest intel (below).

Excerpts from Michael Auseillo's spoiler Q&A today delve briefly into both of these topics:

Pensive Nathaniel

Q: Please tell me Gossip Girl is not going to play the amnesia card with Chuck next season.

A: Gossip Girl is not going to play the amnesia card with Chuck next season. But the little Bass-tard will emerge from his near-death experience "a very changed man."

Q: Any Gossip Girl scoop regarding the future of Nate and Serena? Are they really finished?

A: The fact that producers are casting a new love interest for Nate should answer that.

Who do you think Nate's new love interest will be? Are you sad it's not Serena - or do you think there's still hope for them? How has Chuck changed and how will Blair respond?

Share your comments with us below!

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I could care less about Serena, she's always changing boyfriends, and Nate cares for her a lot more then she does for him. BUT as for Blair and Chuck- if you end them, NO ONE is going to watch this show! It's the only thing going for this show. They belong together... don't mess up there relationship. You should listen to us, for we are the ones watching this show.


People are going to stop watching Gossip Girl if Blair and Chuck ends! They built up such a big fan base with that and stuck with that relationship for so long! If there is no more tension between Chuck and Blair (good or bad) then the show is boring!


as much as i want nate and serena to stay together, i know it won't work out because it's an endless cycle of serena lying and nate getting angry that she won't tell him the truth. so i'm glad that a new love interest is coming onto the show.


I am soooooo DONE with this show!!!! So glad that I stopped watching after season three episode 12... a lot of crap.... CHAIR & SERENATE break-up and Chuck always hurting Blair is so sick... I would appreciate it , if it's Chuck's turn to be running after Blair for the whole season.


Just 3 things to say: no Serenate + no Chair = no Gossip Girl!!!!!!!!!!! I will join some of you, cause I have no reason to watch this anymore, CONGRATULATIONS GG!!!!!! you are officially bullshit!!!!!!


I have no clue at all of how can someone ruin his own show, and keep killing it even more, instead of fix it, and still think people will want to watch it!!! I´m shocked!!! for real, why in he world will we want to see chuck with a new girl, or serena with mr. boringness(I don´t know... for the... twentieth time?) I still had hopes for chair and serenate for season 4 but after these spoilers... Am I gonna watch it? no fuckin THANK YOU!!!! If I ever, ever watch gossip girl again, is because Chair AND Serenate are going to be ON by then, but for now, I´m so done with this show...


well, although I can´t understand why are you going to bring darena back, or why you screwed chair so much at the season finale and apparently at the beginning of the start of next one too, I think I can handle it, because obviously this is just to keep us waiting anxiously to have Chair and Serenate back!!! and I´m pretty sure of it, because you made a show which is mainly about these 4 people(the NJB-C)!!!! so I´m not freak out cause I know you have to give us some drama, that´s why you "ruined" our favourite couples, just to keep fans thinking "OMG what´s next, we want them back!!!!" and that´s exactly what we did, didn´t we? . My point, please people relax!! we are gonna have Chair & Serenate back, more later than sooner, but still. Just please analize the show, just as the writers/producers, and you will see I´m right.


oh my freakin´ GOD!!!!! now I´m pissed!!! dan and serena again, seriously?? chuck with a new girlfriend?? what the FUCK is wrong with you producers? that´s how you are gonna make people watch your show? hahaha I´ve got news 4 you!!! if you haven´t notice Serenate and Chair are the only 2 things that make your show work, so chuck a changed man?? darena?(I still cannot get this part yet)come on people move on!!! we fans already did, so please wake up and stop killing your show!!!! cause that´s what you are doing, a new love interest 4 nate AND 4 chuck really??? please 4 once in your life think!! listen to us!! why? because we are who watch this DUH!!! otherwise this will end up like the OC... just please producers THINK gosh!!!


In The foutrh season I just that hope Blair and Chuck will finally end up together. As for Serena and Nate, I think it would best if they just broke up. It seems that Nate loves Serena more then she loves him. He's been in love with her since hígh school and she only fell in love with him when she realised that trip wasn't honest. I think that she's been with him when she also realised that it's best and safer for her to be together with someone that really loves her. That way she couldn't get hurt. But thing don't always happn the way it should. I also hope that Georgina's baby is not Dan's. That way Dan ans Serena will finally end up together even if they're related in a way. They belong together. Vanesse should just leave or maybe get backwith scott. And then there's Jenny. It would really be awesome if Chuck isn't going to be the only one changing. I think it would be awesome if Jenny becomes mature under the time she's living with her mother. And that she'd come back in N.Y as a new person who's more cautious and takes wise decision. She should start dating someone and then Nate would be jealous and they'd end up together some way or another. I think that those two belong together, even though Jenny did pretty bad things to him. I mean Nate is always there to help her and she would do anything for him. Blair and Chuck, Dan and Serena and Nate and Jenny. But that's just my opinion.


IMO.. Love Love LOVE Blair and Chuck together. I think that the producers know EXACTLY where they're going. You get 2 people that can be very kiniving,and evil and put them together and they can balance each other out. Blair and Chuck were getting out of control with all of the back stabbing that they were doing. And they both needed to be eased out a little,or the show would have taken some awful turn. Hell the way this show goes one of them probably would have ending up getting murdered or something..(Okay maybe not that dramatic) But you see where I'm going. Vanessa and Dan,Gross. Serena and Dan,Even Grosser. You know,the only person that I was content seeing Dan with was Lizze-I mean Oliva (Hilary Duff). They were cute with each other. I prefer Dan in relationship. Because through those times when he is in a dating slump,he always has to meddle in other peoples buisness. Vanessa,is better off alone, I wouldn't mind seeing her with someone (cough)create a character for her(cough). As is Jenny,she is way to immature.And besides her storyline with school is interesting enough.I think we get enough entertainment watching her grow up. I personally get entertainment of watching how horrible her extentions look,but hey! That's just me. AS FOR NATE AND SERENA
Separately,they are annoying. So can only imagine what I think of them together. Serena is SO whiny sometimes,you ever notice that even bofore she says anything she is pouting,awkward. Serena is just WAY too mixed up. She needs to take a page out of Lil Jenny Humphreys book and just go solo. She has so many loose ends to tie up,that a man would only create another knot. And Nate,he needs to do something drastic,because he is barely even necessary on the show. He's just there because he's a VERY pretty face. I think he should be the new Chuck. Mmm,smoking hot and evil? Sounds like I'm in love. And I know it might sound that I am ONLY okay with Chuck and Blair,and that's SO wrong... I'm a Eric fan as well.

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