Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck is a Changed Man, Nate Has a New Love Interest

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The fourth season premiere of Gossip Girl is just a few months away! Sorry, we know that's awhile, but we prefer to look forward than look back. Anyway, today's spoilers.

When we last left Chuck, we all know he was not in a good place physically or mentally. How will a fallen Bass emerge from the events of last month's third season finale?

Meanwhile, Nate and Serena appeared to break up, or at least take a break. Will they be back together soon? We wouldn't bet on it, based on EW's latest intel (below).

Excerpts from Michael Auseillo's spoiler Q&A today delve briefly into both of these topics:

Pensive Nathaniel

Q: Please tell me Gossip Girl is not going to play the amnesia card with Chuck next season.

A: Gossip Girl is not going to play the amnesia card with Chuck next season. But the little Bass-tard will emerge from his near-death experience "a very changed man."

Q: Any Gossip Girl scoop regarding the future of Nate and Serena? Are they really finished?

A: The fact that producers are casting a new love interest for Nate should answer that.

Who do you think Nate's new love interest will be? Are you sad it's not Serena - or do you think there's still hope for them? How has Chuck changed and how will Blair respond?

Share your comments with us below!

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I admit, I miss the drama and witty banter that Chair is so good at but really, I do wish that they end up together again. Like CB said, they are inevitable. Also, I would HATE it if the CW got DS, NV, NJ, or anyone that goes between Serenate. They're perfect for each other, they've been chasing each other around since they were in diapers (and even though that wasn't shown in any of the season, it's right in front of your face you'd be blind not to see it) and also, what BW said was also right; you don't just mess with Nate and Serena, they're mythic. Chair and Serenate are the perfect shipping, anything that goes in between it is just plain garbage.


i don't care how they're gonna do season 4,5,6.. i just WANT CHAIR & SERENATE to end up together in the end, really.


i believe serena and nate should be together.. so as blair and chuck.. happy that jenny is away now.. nate and serena has a right to know who have been trying to make distances among them.. please don't let others win with their bad plans... please :(


I would just love Dan and Serena to be together. The last episode shows that maybe they just didn't get over each other. I mean, they sorta just broke up because it was weird for them because their parents were together and they share a brother. I don't think sharing a brother is bad anyway. Who cares? They don't share the same blood. They're just ADOPTIVE siblings. The last episode shows that nothing could come between them I guess, not even the fact that they're like that. Plus, Dan and Vanessa are like siblings themselves. I don't know what made them see each other in that way. Anyway, the whole thing with Nate is that he doesn't deserve Serena because he couldn't even wait for her. He had to involve himself in that three-way thing instead. Plus, he sorta got his desire since we all know he liked Serena then... but the last episode just proves that maybe he realised it wasn't really worth the wait or something... because he's not waiting anyway...


I think its great the producers are making chuck a changed man i think its time we see Blair as the strong bitch she used to be. Chuck needs to work for Blair she was to much of a walkover in season 3. I love Serena and Dan!!! Nate and Serena are tooooo boring Nate should go and visit Jenny and get with her Serena and Dan should get together CHUCK AND BLAIR GET TOGETHOR and Vanessa leave the show.


I just hope Chuck and Blair would be back together at the end. That's all that matters. For Nate and Serena, it's just slack that Nate couldn't wait for Serena at all. I'd rather go with Dan and Serena - they're way cuter and funnier - just IMO though. Nate and Serena are just IDK. Serena just deserves someone who would actually wait for her...


awwww...cmon, enough of this Chuck having a girlfriend and being changed man bull shit (excuse my language) if chuck is a changed man then he is not the real Chuck anymore. I want the bad boy one bak......thnks gossip girl producers for ruining the show.....JK i think im still gonna watch to see wht happens


Let me call the BS card for the entire Chuck thing. A changed Bass is something that doesn't interest me at all. If he changes he will be a Humphrey clone and that alone makes me wish I never started watching the show. And now we are going to COMPLETELY ignore that Nate and Serena were built up for an entire season to shove him at a new love interest? Granted, I wasn't a shipper of them or anything but it seems like our little group of writers are writing themselves towards a show finale if they keep this up.


I'm really surprised that not a lot of people have said something about Georgina. I can't believe she is pregnant and with dan the baby daddy. I kinda hope she is faking to use them, but at the same time i don't. It would definitely bring tons of drama to gg. I really hope dan and serena don't hook up again; they are related (by marriage yes, but still...). Blair and Chuck are perfect. I love season two where they chased each other, i hope to see more of that. Jenny, well she can stay away for awhile...


Chuck should deffinatly go to paris to win back blair and not to show off his new gf!! And nate should do the same! I dont think he should have a love interest, considering hes already been with like the whole cast!!! He and serena BELONG together. So does blair and chuck. As for Jenny, she deserves to be alone after the way she acted in season 3 she is flat out evil!!

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