Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck is a Changed Man, Nate Has a New Love Interest

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The fourth season premiere of Gossip Girl is just a few months away! Sorry, we know that's awhile, but we prefer to look forward than look back. Anyway, today's spoilers.

When we last left Chuck, we all know he was not in a good place physically or mentally. How will a fallen Bass emerge from the events of last month's third season finale?

Meanwhile, Nate and Serena appeared to break up, or at least take a break. Will they be back together soon? We wouldn't bet on it, based on EW's latest intel (below).

Excerpts from Michael Auseillo's spoiler Q&A today delve briefly into both of these topics:

Pensive Nathaniel

Q: Please tell me Gossip Girl is not going to play the amnesia card with Chuck next season.

A: Gossip Girl is not going to play the amnesia card with Chuck next season. But the little Bass-tard will emerge from his near-death experience "a very changed man."

Q: Any Gossip Girl scoop regarding the future of Nate and Serena? Are they really finished?

A: The fact that producers are casting a new love interest for Nate should answer that.

Who do you think Nate's new love interest will be? Are you sad it's not Serena - or do you think there's still hope for them? How has Chuck changed and how will Blair respond?

Share your comments with us below!

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Haven't the producers exhausted the dan and serena storyline like i dunno, at least three times already?? God, it's like season 2 all over again. And What the hell is wrong with Dan? Serena's his half sister now, that's just WRONG WRONG WRONG!


I agree with abbey and nancy arlington! Who do you think Nate's new love interest will be? JENNY (Come on isn't it about time already!)
Are you sad it's not Serena - or do you think there's still hope for them? no nate and serena were great as friends and everytime they get together it falls apart. I'm a nate/jenny supporter so fingers crossed that they work things out between them!
How has Chuck changed and how will Blair respond? I thought chair was over according to GG rumours? don't get me wrong chair has stunning chemisty and if they could get together again that'd be awesome - mind you it's gona take a while for blair to forgive him i think. What if the new lass is Jenny though? chuck/jenny? it's one couple they haven't really explored to detail yet. and i like blair/dan's friendship but hope it doesn't turn into a love interest that would just be wierd. bring on season 4!


Abbey, I couldn't agree more - with the first part of your post...
But I don't think Blair and Chuck should be the stady couple of GG, cause they are much better appart than whwn they're together...


I hope that Dan and Blair never become a couple. If it happenes I dont think I'll keep watching. Why would I want dan with my beloved Blair? I hope the writers understand their characters and never go there. I dont mind chair being apart for a while, if it is like season 2, when we know they love each other but have to work their issues out before gettting back together I am all for it. Chair is at its best when they want each other and cant be together, so much sexual chemistry


My theories for season 4 are as follows...and usually iam right...considering i predicted half of season 3 and it came true.. 1)blair and serena will be enjoying their "SINGLE LADIES" trip to paris, when BAM...enters bass with a hot new gf(most likely a european...iam thinking on the lines of gemma atetron)...blair gets pissed that chuck has followed her all the way to paris just to get her jealous by parading his new arm candy...only to find out thatchuck really does care for ms.arm candy and that she helped lick his wounds and that he is all nice and changed now(all the years of being a bad-ass+ruining blair's life+being shot+sleeping with a minor really got to him)... 2)georgina sparks has something that she needs from dan humphrey.REVENGE...on blair again obviously...so she fakes the pregnancy(she gt the idea when she was eavesdropping on derena looking at those cute babies) 3)Meanwhile dan is temporarily deviated from serena...while serena is just plain confused and probably is trying to figure things out by shopping and driving in vespas. 4)Nate is trying to get over serena by drinking,getting drugged and sleeping with gals..when in comes some random hottie who he falls for..until jenny returns, that is Oh and btw...my thoughts are that dan and blair may experiment as a couple....and chuck still probabaly holds a torch for blair.


i dont know why everyone likes Jenny and Damien. There was nothing good about him.
He was ugly, rude, manipulative (pressuring Jenny into sleeping with him), he fucking punched Nate, and he mentally (not physically) fucked up Jenny by getting her into drugs. Therefore i am extremely anti-Damien. I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Jenny, and for some reason i loved her and Nate together. My hope for season four (although it will most likley not happen) is that Nate begins to go bad, doing drugs and getting drunk everynight and turning into a bit of an ass. All of the characters are worried and try to help him but he pushes them all away.
He gets into this sort of destructive relationship with this new chick and thennn Jenny rocks up towards the middle/ beginning of the second half all changed and good again. So instead of him CONSTANTLY saving her, she trys to save him. How that ends up, i havent thought of it yet. This is me speaking purely as a Jenny and Nate fan.
Sorry. Oh yeah, and Serena and Dan should get back together because they're cute and they balance eachother out. Unlike Vanessa who is like the female version of Dan which is lame because together they are uber boring. Vanessa should just piss off and get with that Scott character. Or turn lesbian, i dont care. Chuck and Blair together forever. Drama shows need atleast one stable couple to create at least an ounce of stability for fans. Because if they dont its all messy and complicated. Or at least keep Rufus and Lily for fuck sake. I dont care about Georgina, i dont think the baby's Dans.
If Dan became a father then that would kill the buzz of the show.
As soon as one of the main- young characters becomes pregnate, married or has a kid the buzz dies. IM SORRY! This is just my opinion.


LOVE the DRAMA!!!!
The DRAMA is what GG is all about...
IF you take out the DRAMA it would be completely boring...
Chuck and Blair Belong together.. (DRAMA= But will it happen?)
Dan and Serena suit each other.. (DRAMA= They share a brother)
Jenny is totally awsome trouble maker.. (DRAMA= She's willing to do what blair won't)
Lily and Rufus only goodwhen they were chasing each other.. (DRAMA= complete family issues)
Nate the sweetest thing.. (DRAMA= Needs a new love, one no one expects)
Vanessa isn't as good as she seems.. (DRAMA= She has F@&Ked up alot schemes on GG) So without the Drama there would be no show...
I wanna see Georgies baby.. I wanna see Vanessa and serenas face.. I wanna see CHUCK as the sweet NATE.. I wanna see NATE do something different.. Put Blair in Columbia and make her QUEEN B again.. and Hopefully Jenny will pop in for a visit mid-season just to spice up whateva is going on... GIVE ME DRAMA GG I CAN HANDLE IT!!!!!


No Nate and Serena No Gossip Girl for me.


I think that JENNY should have been shooted instead of chuck. Btw I like the couples this way:
Dan & Serena
Nate & Blair
And I hope Chuck dies, because it was already enough drama.
I cried, for sure! But well, in the scene where Jenny went out of town, it instantly turned like she would be the next Serena and Nate seemed like he will be the next Chuck!!!


Chuck, and Blair.
Dan and Serena.
Nate and whoever... I don't care.
Vanessa stay in Haiti please,
Jenny is good when she's single, she's got enough drama and evil in there to sustain a storyline without any kind of partner, that just makes it complicated. Oh yeah, and by "changed man" I hope you mean Chuck is going to go back to season one and 2 Chuck, and is still in love with Blair, but has discarded the "responsible" thing and perhaps feels more conflict and angst over actually being with Ms. B. I want fireworks, writers! Not a firecracker or two all season....

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