Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Alex's Fate, Post-It Wedding Legitimacy

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Will Alex survive the gunshot wound he suffered during the season finale?

Is a Post-It wedding legitimate, and will it be followed by a traditional one?

Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes tackles both of these subjects in her latest talk with EW. Here's what the show's executive producer has to say about 2010-11 on those fronts ...

On Post-It nuptials: “I deeply appreciate the fans and how much they care about Meredith and Derek, but as a woman and a human being and the mother of a girl, I just feel that this idea of someone in a big, white dress as the be-all, end-all of human existence is a terrible message.”

The Almost-Bride

As close as we'll get to Mer walking down the aisle.

“I felt like Meredith and Derek’s choice to be together becomes a marriage of equals as opposed to some faux fairy tale. And while I love a good wedding, I felt like for Meredith, it was so counter to who she is as a human being. And I love the fact that Derek doesn’t need her to do it."

"I get why the fans want it; I’d probably want it too if I was just watching. But I literally feel sick every time think about Meredith in a big white poufy dress.”

Sounds like Post-It Wedding is all we're going to get!

On Alex: Overshadowed by so many other events May 20 was the fact that at the end of the Season 6 finale, he was still using a breathing tube. Are we sure he’s okay?

We are. “He lived,” Rhimes assures. “He [turned a corner].”

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I care less about an actual wedding, and more about the legal implications of them not being married. I personally would be fine with just a comment from one of them saying that they're legally married. Things like Derek being shot are the issue. She's not legally his spouse and doesn't have the same rights that his wife would have in the same situation.


i feel sorry for shonda who can't seem to see the difference between a wedding and a marriage. I understand that not everyone wants to get married, and I respect that - but - she has mer and der running around calling each other wife / husband, she seems to be writing people who want legal status in each others lives without having the guts to let them have it. weddings do not equal happiness, but a marriage for true sole mates seems like the honest thing to do. I hated the post it wedding, because as so many of you also say, we were led up the aisle only to be left standing at the alter.


tv weddings are getting more unusual, but I'm beginning to wonder if they are all trying to out do each other by trying something different. Didn't Joey get an internet certificate to say he could perform his friends marriage. In Numb3rs, Charlie and Amita were married by Larry. How was he qualified? So as much as it annoys me that MerDer don't appear to have a 'legal' wedding certifcate. I have to say the post it is more quirky and appealing as a more original wedding. I don't see SR changing her mind either, I don't see MerDer feeling they need to repeat the ceremony. But SR has changed her mind about Mer wanting a baby! I have to say I think SR may have had some encouragement from her employers too.


@xMel: I've been wondering, too. Out of the three remaining original cast of interns (now residents), she's the one whose future as a surgeon is a bit unclear, which is actually kind of ironic seeing as it should be as much a focus on her life as a surgeon as much as on the romance front, which kind of tells us there really is way to much focus on the storyline of her lovelife than actual career development of her character.


To some, marriage is just a piece of paper, so the post-it thing is good for them, it shows that despite that, they're truly committed to each other. What good is a wedding if it'll just end in divorce? Contrary to the happily-ever-after people here, not everyone wants to be married. Ofcourse, the legal issues are something they'd need to hash out, but like I said, you don't have to be actually be married to be in a loving and committed life-long relationship. Everybody's beliefs are different, and it's what Meredith believes, so who are the fans to question her character?


i know this is off topic from the wedding but does anyone have any idea what speciality meredith is going to choose? that storyline has to be nearing soon. i hope it'll be neuro!


No. Keep the Post-It wedding. That was perfect. I'd rather have a Post-It wedding myself, honestly, but my mom would kill me.


I think they should stick with the post it wedding and move on with their lives.


@ Kate, you hit the nail on the head! Shonda teased us with a wedding and then replaced it with a post-it. She says she doesn't see Meredith getting married then why write a story with her planning a wedding and ready to be married at city hall? That's why we feel like it's a cheat. Because she dangled the carrott in front of us and then ripped it away...not fair. @JDC, I agree. I don't want her to become Meredith Shepherd or Meredith Grey-Shepherd either. She's Meredith Grey but she's "legally" married to Shepherd. That would be enough for me. A unique wedding would work for me. The elevator proposal was awesome. I don't think the fans want a sappy, church wedding....I sure don't. I just think we want what was promised in Season 5...a REAL Mer/Der wedding.


@ Meredith McDreamy I don't know if I want her to take his last name though. I think Mer should keep her last name and just hyphenate it? She could be Mrs. Derek Grey-Shepherd. I still want them to get married. I'm sure they will eventually have some document to prove they are married. Shonda has changed her mind on numerous occasions. Especially the MerDer story line involving children. MerDer won't have a typical wedding though. I never saw the elevator proposal coming, and I could never predict what Derek's words were going to be. He didn't get down on one knee or even ask the question, but they both knew what it meant. The wedding (or whatever you want to call it) would/will include many unique factors. I, for one, think there will be some type of engagement or proof of marriage in season 7. I don't care what SR says.

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