Jessica Szohr Hoping For Danessa Reconciliation, Relationship

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Her character, Vanessa, is much maligned, but in a recent interview with Digital Spy (thanks Katie for the tip), Jessica Szohr says she's excited for Season 4 this September.

Speaking about the future of the show, she said: "I'm excited to kind of see where everyone goes in the fourth season." She would also like Vanessa to end up with Dan.

"They have so much in common," she says of Vanessa and Dan's relationship. "They know each other. When you first start dating, you're always on your best behavior."

"Then four months hits, and all of a sudden you're like, 'Don't chew your gum like that'." When you're best friends with someone before dating, you don't have to pretend."

"You already have that connection, that history. You don't have to be on pins and needles with things. They have that connection, and their families know each other."

"I think out of the three guys on the show Dan for sure is the best for Vanessa."

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The star also dished that "When I first came on, I was only supposed to do two episodes. Then they made me a part of the [Gossip Girl cast], which is really exciting."

"[Show runners] Josh [Schwartz] and Stephanie [Savage] said before the third season, 'She is going to start getting more real estate so you get to learn more about Vanessa's character and where she comes from'. It was exciting. I was really happy for her."

Were you happy with Vanessa's character developments in Season 3 - and what would you like to see from her in Season 4, romantically and otherwise?

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Vanessa fun

loipon tha grapsw sta ellhnika giati toso kero thelw na milhsw gia thn vanessa..k an uparxei kapoios ellhnas as metafrasei..varethhka re zhlirides..mia xara einai h jessica szohr..k koukla einai me telia matia k xamogelo..k pezei sumpathiyika...dhladh hoi alloi einai gia oscar? eleos!!oso gia ton xarakthra kaluteros apo thn xazh thn jenny k thn polu pou blake..h kopela vohthaei panta tous filous tis mathenei apo ta lathh ths oxi opws ta alla psonia.elpizw tou xronou na ginei kati me ton k einai ligo vlakas..h na vrei kati kalutero apo ton dithen poihth ton chuk tha htan ena wraio ateriasto zeygari!!pantws xwris authn t xronou dn 3ana vlepw gg! jess you rock girl!amd they are v fans out there!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't hate Vanessa at all, but I do agree about the whole minor character thing. It's not that a main character can't end up with a minor character, but I just see Dan with Serena. You know, first love? Dan and Vanessa are more like siblings. They know each other so well that it's just weird for them to be together. AND YES, I'd love a showdown between Serena and Vanessa. I just remembered that time when Dan asked her if she's even friends with Vanessa and she said something about "friendly" enough... but I don't think that's the case for the 4th Season XD


Wow! there are some major V haters here . . . I'm not one of them. I happen to love Vanessa and I think they couldn't have picked a more beautiful girl to play her. As far as her realations go: I thought she and Nate were cute, but Nate's a whore. LOL It was nice to see her and Dan finally get together, but it felt kinda blah to me. I would really like to see how things would go if she and Chuck got together or became good friends. Can we get some Chanessa action 4th season? PLEASE!


Vanessa, I feel I speak for the vast majority of viewers when I say GTFO!!!!!!!
Gossip Girl's core characters are Serena Dan Chuck Nate & Blair. That's it. Jenny I don't even mind even though I currently hate her (she's interesting sometimes) but she's not a CORE character, and Vanessa, is simply useless. The writers really need to focus on the stronger actors and actresses of the show, Chuck and Blair, who just so happen to be dynamite TOGETHER, and Serena and Nate and Dan, who are all compelling characters, though Nate is sometimes debatable. Also, Dan and Serena....duh.
That's one wish you're never going to get Jessica, sweetheart. Go eat a cupcake or something.


Dan & Serena have by farrr the most chemisty of all the couples! I love Chuck & Blair and they Do have chemistry but ..... D&S, if they are together in one room you can literally SEE the sparks!!!! (and often miss Sparks to mess things up :S)
But Dan has chosen Serena over Vanessa all the time so that is not going to change. No way Vanessa will manage to come in between!


jess, iLove you and all... and i 'LIKE' vanessa (fans dont kill me) but seriously!... penn doesn't want to kiss you THAT bad!


I think vanessa AND dan shud juss go dieee nate and serenaa are juss tuu cute tugetherr nddd CHUCKK!!!
ill stop wating gg if he diess!!!!!!!


Jess... No one cares what you say. And Vanessa please GTFO now!


She doesn't belong on Gossip Girl. GTFO now.


I want to see a catfight between Serena and Vanessa. That should be interesting since Serena is always nice to Blair's enemies. What a great bestfriend she is huh? NOT. And I agree with everyone who thinks Vanessa has ran her course and should die. Her scenes are fastforwarded everytime. She's a waste of screentime.

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