Jessica Szohr Hoping For Danessa Reconciliation, Relationship

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Her character, Vanessa, is much maligned, but in a recent interview with Digital Spy (thanks Katie for the tip), Jessica Szohr says she's excited for Season 4 this September.

Speaking about the future of the show, she said: "I'm excited to kind of see where everyone goes in the fourth season." She would also like Vanessa to end up with Dan.

"They have so much in common," she says of Vanessa and Dan's relationship. "They know each other. When you first start dating, you're always on your best behavior."

"Then four months hits, and all of a sudden you're like, 'Don't chew your gum like that'." When you're best friends with someone before dating, you don't have to pretend."

"You already have that connection, that history. You don't have to be on pins and needles with things. They have that connection, and their families know each other."

"I think out of the three guys on the show Dan for sure is the best for Vanessa."

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The star also dished that "When I first came on, I was only supposed to do two episodes. Then they made me a part of the [Gossip Girl cast], which is really exciting."

"[Show runners] Josh [Schwartz] and Stephanie [Savage] said before the third season, 'She is going to start getting more real estate so you get to learn more about Vanessa's character and where she comes from'. It was exciting. I was really happy for her."

Were you happy with Vanessa's character developments in Season 3 - and what would you like to see from her in Season 4, romantically and otherwise?

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I think Vanessa works better with Dan's half brother. I think Dan, Nate, and Serena should have some sort of love triangle. The show hasn't done that in a while. And Chuck and Blair are just good together.


I think Vanessa is nice. She's just really boring. I wish the writers would either give her better storylines or just get rid of her.


I don't get why nobody likes Vanessa. I LOVE HER!!!! Her and Dan are awesome together and I cannot wait for season 4 to start.
Major downer that Chucks going to survive. He's the one that needs to die not Vanessa.


GTFO vanessa!!!


"When I first came on, I was only supposed to do two episodes. Then they made me a part of the [Gossip Girl cast], which is really exciting." well that's disappointing!
i hope she never stepped on the show and did those first two episodes cause now we're stuck with JS' bad acting. its exciting for her cause she's one of the cast, but its really REALLY annoying cause the viewers have to see her face in their TV screens. i hope she will NEVER come back on GG! the writers did a very bad move on casting her as one of the regulars on the show. she's a complete waste of time. i hope they axe her ASAP.


Vanessa Sucks! She needs to stay in Haiti, go back to Vermont, or just DIE!


put it this way , as long as chuck and blair end up together Vanessa can do whatever the hell she wants, Anyone Agree???

Gossip de la girl

k. Nobody wants with Dan. Get over it. I agree with Court (Team Endgame: Where Vanessa gets shafted):
If she's not with Dan, then she doesn't really have a storyline anymore.

Well thats too bad

Vanessa needs to get paired with Homeless Jimmy and go ride off into the sunset on his damn grocery cart. And GTFO. For good.


umm people who think that the writers ruined vanessa as a character...... cant you just see that vanessa fu*** up in this show, its not the writters fault its her and her awful acting!!
i say vanessa dies in season 4!

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