So You Think You Can Dance Spoilers: Top 10 Revealed!

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Just as the American Idol finalists become known ahead of time, the list of the Top 10 dancers for this season of So You Think You Can Dance has somehow leaked online.

As you probably know, previous years had the Top 20, but this season, only 10 make the finals, where they will be paired with former So You Think You Can Dance stars.

It's a Dancing with the Stars-style twist we can get behind, given some of the memorable standouts they've brought back, and the subsequently shorter audition rounds.


The list of finalists, first obtained by, seems legit. We'll hold off until the jump before dropping any names, but we will reveal the following teasers here ...

  • There are 11, not 10, dancers who make the finals, according to sources.
  • We met at least one last night at the L.A. auditions (not a huge surprise).
  • Nigel Lythgoe's tease that Billy Bell or Alex Wong would make it? False.

Intrigued? Follow the jump for So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 (11). Spoilers await ...

  1. Alexie Agdeppa (jazz)
  2. Lauren Froderman (contemporary)
  3. Ashley Galvan (lyrical)
  4. Cristina Santana (salsa)
  5. Melinda Sullivan (tap)


  1. Billy Bell (contemporary)
  2. Kent Boyd (contemporary)
  3. Robert Roldan (contemporary)
  4. Jose "Full Deck" Ruiz (breaking)
  5. Adé Chiké Torbert (contemproary)
  6. Alex Wong (ballet)

We can't confirm the accuracy of these So You Think You Can Dance spoilers, nor do we know how the decision to arrive at 11 finalists was made. But we're still psyched.

If it's true, some of last night's best dancers are through to the Top 10/11, as are both Alex and Billy, and it looks like a terrific field. What are your thoughts? Comment!

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I couldn't believe that RYAN RAMIREZ did not make the top 11!!! she is an awesome dancer!! she can do all styles you give her!!! and she was MIA MICHAELS assistant so that has to say something!!!


Total agree Jessica, last night Nigel even told him that watching him dance with Alex and Kent was the difference in watching men and boys dance, saying he was the man and the others boys, and then they get it over him, I don't understand this at all. Most of the girls are not all that great I did like Ryan but she got cut.


I am not impressed with this season. Lots of good dancers were cut already. Especially that Anthony guy. Miss me and my dance company this season..OMG..Judges where are you? What are you seeing?..How disappointing..Goodluck without my 425 company's members(as viewers)..What a waste...


Anthony Burrell??? was waaayyy better than Rob and Billy!! WTH?? Not a good decision at all!


was hoping for more variety. contemporary is awesome and hard to get the tricks but seriously its like there are no shots for hip hop dancers. and seriously is jose really the best one out there that they found out of all the hip hop dancers and breakers in the auditions....


i think it's totally unfair to have a top 11...i think they need to add another girl to make it equal....looking at the cast i like all of them except Jose...don't remember who Robert Raldon is


OMG!!!! After that broadway performance tonight, Lauren is far and away my favorite, and i am soooooo pysched that she's in! :)


my absolute favs. are BILLY BELL & ALEX WONG.
i like all the boys except the breakdancer. i really dont like any of the girls except for lauren f.
i feel like this season, the girls are so much weaker than the guys.


I knew that Kent Boyd would make it. I hope this list is right! Looking forward to a great season.



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