Spotted: Chace Crawford and Elizabeth Minett!

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In a rare, fun bit of Gossip Girl and World Cup news, Chace Crawford apparently spent the night out in London - with the ex-girlfriend of one of England's most hated villains!

That would be former starting goaltender Robert Green, who infamously botched a routine save in England's opening game against the U.S., allowing America to earn a 1-1 tie.

Well, it was reported by many sources that Green fumbled that very shot during the World Cup because he was all out of sorts from his recent breakup with Elizabeth Minett.

Now, here she is with one of our own (below). Way to go, Chace! Just don't let it distract you from your performances on Gossip Girl this season ... we need you at your best!

Chace Crawford and Elizabeth Minett

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Chace DEFINITELY has something for the skinny blondes! Carrie, Taylor, now Elisabeth! hmmmmmm... lol


Wow... maybe he just likes girls who are built like boys ;)


@ Dr Bob: um yeah i think she does like the rest of the world thanks to his arrest remember?? anyway, what's your point? why would she care?

Al in germany

"Goaltender", "tie"?? LJ Gibbs needs to swat up on his football (you know, the sport where they actually use their feet most of the time) terminology. LMAO!


Does she know that he smokes pot??? I do because I live two doors down from him!!! True fact.


Selene, I was just thinking the same thing. When's the last time this girl had something to eat? She looks like a Twizzler...


Sorry, I've mistaken the spoiler xD


WAIT. Are you saying he was in Milan, which is the city where I live, and I didn't know? o.o
Well, I couldn't have join the party anyway -.-


ahah Chace is spotted every night with a different girl so that doesn't mean anything, but man is having fun that's for sure! you go Chace!


robert green's "save" was just *urgh*. so yeah. hope chace keeps it together


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