Spotted: Taylor Momsen, Pretty Reckless in NYC

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Jenny Humphrey may have fled the Big Apple with her return date unclear, but Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen made an appearance yesterday with her Pretty Reckless band mates.

Looking every bit the part of a rock star, the 16-year-old (!) signed a few autographs, then posed for the cameras with her group outside the Fox Studio Building in New York City.

Here's Taylor with Jamie Perkins, Ben Philips and Mark Damon ...

Taylor Momsen, Band
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seriously... i cant tell who is the guy and the girl between all of them. they all have greasy hairs (and most likely bad smelling)


I wonder what her parents think or say when they see that picture. Maybe they will say,"OMG my daughter lost her pants. I will get her new one"


she forgot her pants!!!


this pic has to be the funniest thing of today.
its like they're pretty dead inside.


oh my God, i thought halloween was on october 31st... everybody get your costumes 'cause these guys for sure anticipated this festivity (lame)... really man, they're awful dudes... and that guy next to her, the robert plant wannabe, someone should tell him it is cooler with real long hair, not with a friggin' wig... besides, we're in 2010 dude, get over the 80's already....


hi im perry and i probably am ritting a lot of mistakes but im from germany so...okay haiting taylor momsen because she is such a marvelis actris is bullshit and i really hope that she does turn up in the 4 season because i really want to now if she can be the old jenny again .she is the wan ho chainged the most. from a sweet nice daddis girl to a drugdeeling junky and they cant let here be the bad girl for the rest of here live .i mean this in the best way and hope that she sometime finds a guy ho isnt gay ore a drugdeeling bastard how about neight i mean they kiss defenetly wasnt meanliss was it ?


A hot mess...


i love her new-look fashion shoot, shes a really amazing model and i love her sound


i love her, her sound rocks and i'm not a child btw

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Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
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Tiffany: A Nelly Yuki snuff film?