The Many Faces of Gossip Girl Style

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Gossip Girl's sexy stars sure make the rounds - and know how to mix things up on the red carpet. Below, we take a look at some of their recent makeup moves of late.

Recently, Leighton Meester splits her attention between lips and eyes, going with dramatically winged shadow and pale lips one night and a deep red mouth another.

LM Pics

Meanwhile, Michelle Trachtenberg keeps her lips glossy from one red carpet event to the next, but tried pale pink one night before shifting to deep red two evenings later ...

MT Pics

Finally, one day after dressing her lips in bright red, Jessica Szohr went completely nude – with her lipstick! Wonder which of these looks Ed Westwick prefers on her ...


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Charlotte waldorf

I think they are their best when they use less make up.
and IMO,all of these girls are gorgeous,to be honest,GG has one of the best-looking cast ever.
But I don't get it why some people here keep saying that Leighton is average... Just because she doesn't have blue eyes or blonde hair?
Sorry,for me,an averege girl is one that doesn't stand out,and I have met plenty of blonde,blue eyes girls that didn't have a beauty that standed out. Leighton,on the other hand,may be a brunette with brown eyes and pale skin,but she certainly is gorgeous and have a unique beauty. I'm not one of the crazy Leighton fans that can't face the fact that not everyone will love her or worship her,just like I'm not one of these crazy people that just because they hate Vanessa,the must hate Jessica and say she's ugly. She's not,she may not be your favorite,but she isn't ugly. All I'm trying to say is that,is not the colour of the hair or the eyes,or the skin tone,that define a girl beauty,of course these things matter,but the most important is how everything is put together,and how the girl work it. I think it's time to people stop thinking that blonde hair and/or blue eyes is what make a girl gorgeous.


I think Dav has a point. Leighton has average features, Also no blue eyes and blond hair are actually pretty rare. Brown hair and brown eyes are the most common traits. Also, average doesn't mean ugly. And it's true the reason most girls are worshipping Leighton is because of the fact that she's gorgeous, but not too out there, but she also has, as blair waldorf, the zingers, the love triangles and the bitchiness, which is not that common. I know it seems as I'm insulting people, but that's not what I want to do. Also, my post was awfully mean, Leighton looks nearly not as bad as how I described her, that was harsh. Also, notice anytime Jess, Blake or Taylor get something a photoshoot, a magazine cover, anything, you'll find comments saying: She's not as pretty as Leighton, she's overated, Leighton is so much better, it's like Leighton earns it... try to accept the fact that some people in this world don't think she's the best.


Why does it have to turn into a competition of which girl is the hottest?? Or worse, a competition between Leighton and Jessica? It was just a poll about make up. The fact that you say that you don't like one of their pics, doesn't mean that you hate the girl, or you envy her, it's just an opinion about aesthetic beauty, which is subjective and unique to each person. Besides not even the hottest person alive can look good in all the pics. And not all of the looks they choose for themselves would look good on them or meet your aesthetic appreciation.


but you do agree with what I said about Jen Anniston and Brad Pitt right? dont you ever think why cant most people feel the same way about Jessica the way they felt for Jen Anniston?


Wow, you guys are pathetic. Just because you think one of them is pretty, the others just HAVE to be ugly. zOMG I LOVE LEIGHTON, THEREFORE BLAKE AND JESSICA SUCK. God forbid all three of them can be pretty in their own unique way. Get a life. And believe me, I understand all the Vanessa hate, but I don't get all the Jessica hate. Learn to separate the actress from her role. As far as I can tell, Jessica is nice and down-to-earth. What do you even really know about her anyway to justify such hate?


I'm sorry, I think Michelle looks the best. Not necessarily the most beautiful, but she knows how to work her look. Leighton is gorgeous, but she has too much makeup on in the 2nd picture. And of course Jessica is lovely looking too. But I don't like the orange-red lips-they don't really work with her skin tone. A darker red probably would have been nicer. Michelle looks soft in one, and subtly gothic in the other. Both looks are done well and they contrast fantastically.


I think its the same people who posted keep saying Jessica is gorgeous! ummh,takes one to know one isn't,the mods/owners in this site can look at my IP ,I always post with one user name but I'm pretty sure if they look at your post they find out the same IP in various if not all the hateful posts,they can do it that's why they ask you to post some info first. first and to prove that the Jess haters are just resentful chicks not of her only but with life and found in this place a save haven to release,I never use the words ugly,hooker,stripper or any derogatory word to descrive Leighton,which all the Leighton fangirls do with Jess and Taylor. Second average doesn't mean ugly,do you own a dictionary? Leighton is pretty but her prettiness is average how many look alike she has?in imdb they have a game :lol:


Michelle is the prettiest out of them!


I think its the same people who posted keep saying Jessica is gorgeous!
same old, always jealous of Leighton, or else why do they keep attacking Leighton and left out Michelle in this argument?
Cmon u know it best people are not jealous of Jessica because she DATED Ed, dont you remember once upon a time when an American sweetheart dated an American hunk (yes I'm referring to Brad and Jen!) Everybody loves Jen and no one is jealous of her, many of them were disappointed when the couple broke up! So this explains people usually love actress whom they think beautiful not actress who are closest in appearance to us. Dont start an argument with me that Jen is not beautiful because I know about more than 10 years ago many people want to be her and were crazy about her look!


Of course Jessica is prettier than Leighton.I think Leighton is not pretty ,just cute at best! People love her because she's ok,people always hate the gorgeous girls!

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