The Many Faces of Gossip Girl Style

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Gossip Girl's sexy stars sure make the rounds - and know how to mix things up on the red carpet. Below, we take a look at some of their recent makeup moves of late.

Recently, Leighton Meester splits her attention between lips and eyes, going with dramatically winged shadow and pale lips one night and a deep red mouth another.

LM Pics

Meanwhile, Michelle Trachtenberg keeps her lips glossy from one red carpet event to the next, but tried pale pink one night before shifting to deep red two evenings later ...

MT Pics

Finally, one day after dressing her lips in bright red, Jessica Szohr went completely nude – with her lipstick! Wonder which of these looks Ed Westwick prefers on her ...


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God damn, these are some ugly ass chicks.


to all the people bashing Leighton and defending Jessica, to say Leighton is average (ugly) looking is laughable!!! If you look outside this forum you can see there are so many Leighton lovers out there and no, they dont love her because she's the most "average" looking, but because they think she's the prettiest!!! As for Jessica, true she's exotic and I've to admit that normally I do love exotic looks but I DONT think Jessica is pretty at all....People keep bashing Leight's 2nd pic but do you see Jessica's 1st pic? or other pics of her nor shown above? If you want to see a true exotic beauty just google Sara Carbonero...she's what I call exotic beauty! She's dating the hottest man in Spain but do his fan girls hate her? NO, most of them love them together!
Why do many people hate Vanessa??? because the actress playing her character is Jessica!!! Vanessa wouldn't be the most hated character on GG if it wasn't for Jessica. If Vanessa is played by people like Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood or maybe Alicia Keys people will like her! Just think about it people...


all three girls look best fresh faced with nude pink lips. they are sweet girls, and the red lips thing is more of a sexy siren a bit on the slutty side (in a good way). i'm not saying leighton, michelle and jessica are not hot. just not that kind.


i actually think leighton is the most beautiful girl on the show... and what makes her pretty is her brown hair and eyes... the truth is that i think blue eyed blonde people are plain, and AVERAGE... leighton is and exception for the rule, and i think she is exotic actually, i gotta say those pictures don't do her any good, 'cause she has a cute and tender face and that kind of make up just don't suit her. but the way i appreciate beauty, i'd rather that kind of beauty leighton has instead blake's or jessica's (i think she's ugly) or even worse taylor's... so, i don't think leighton is average... and i'm sure that if we make a poll about this, asking if leighton is average, most people will answer NOT, SHE IS NOT, SHE IS GORGEOUS... but man, that's your opinion, and this is mine, so... whatever.


@Dav, how judgmental can you get? Just because Leighton isn't exotic to your taste doesn't mean shes average. Even though Jessica isn't ugly, she's definitely not as pretty as Leighton. Who cares about her eye color/skin color? You can be the most exotic looking person in the world or have the most unique facial features and still be ugly. Also just because Taylor has the "model" figure, doesn't mean she's gorgeous. I thought she looked much better in Season one. Now she just dresses like a hooker and looks anorexic. Being a model doesn't mean someone is pretty and a lot of models are way too skinny. Leighton may have average features to you, but they're classic. Do you even know the meaning of classic? Sounds like a lot of hating on your part. Maybe you're the one secretly jealous of Leighton because someone "average" looking never gave you the chance of day. You're also probably the type of person that's responsible for creating low self esteem in "average" looking women.


@beckson,this is the meaning of average :Any medial estimate or general statement derived from a comparison of diverse specific cases; a medium or usual size, quantity, quality, rate, etc.
so yes having brown hair and brown eyes makes her average. but I wasn't talking only about that,Blake have a stunning amazon like body,Jessica is thin but she has an athletic body(cheerleader like),Taylor has this top model like body,Leighton's body is just thin and untoned,Blake and Jess have unique face features (Blake's eyes shape and Jess icy blue eyes/tan skin combo for example),Leighton hasn't a unique feature,there are tons of actresses and girls in general with her same characteristics.


@dav: Wow. So if you have brown hair and brown eyes you're automatically "average"? You can't be beautiful unless you've got blonde hair (Blake and Taylor) or have exotic features (Jessica)? Leighton's makeup doesn't flatter her in the above photos but there's no denying that when her makeup is done right, she's gorgeous.


I think Jessica looks really pretty on the second picture... just because you hate Vanessa dosen't mean that you have to hate Jessica. Leighton looks pretty on the first picture but the second picture is just... yuuck, she looks very old... don't get me wrong i love her but she just doesn't look so pretty at that picture.. And michelle have relly pretty eyes sorry my english, is not my first language.. oxoxo


For Leighton: I TOTALYY hate the second picture she really looks fake! And for the first...well...she's O.K but she looks like a cat with her eyes...Okay, stop. :P
For Michelle: she's gorgeous on the both pictures.
For Jessica: lipstick doesn't fit with her and I don't really like her smile, actually. But she is REALLY GORGEOUS on the second picture, really!
Well, that's my opinion.


I still don't see how anyone could call Jess ugly. she's gorgeous! they're all gorgeous! c'mon people, stop hating

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