The Two Gossip Girl Couples We Haven't Seen

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We were thinking it would be fun to poll Gossip Girl fans on which hookup they would most like to see among the characters that the CW series has not already done.

Then we thought about it some more and realized there are only two (not counting Dan-Jenny and excluding Eric, for obvious reasons) such combinations remaining:

  • Chuck and Serena
  • Dan and Blair

Yup, they've tried everything else. Nate? He's obviously slept his way through the UES. But Vanessa has even gotten with the three dudes at one point or another.

Would anyone want to see these two couples, though? Even just once? Chair is sort of the bedrock of the show, and Dan and Serena have a lot of fan support, too.

Mix them up and you'd have crazy scandal ... maybe that would stop Gossip Girl. Or it'd be just what the producers want. Remember Jenny and Chuck? Just saying.

Thoughts? We're sure you have them. Comment and vote below ...

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Which Gossip Girl hookup would you rather see?

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im all for dair...theyd make a cute couple


I daired.


I'd love some drunken hate sex for Dan and Blair...just to do it once...know it was a mistake, and of course here is when she sh*t hits the fan. But I think in the long run, they can be really good friends who can help each other out when they need it the most.

Rainbow dust

sorry Dair fans, but Dair makes me sick in my stomach .. and Chuck and Serena would be as sick as Chuck fucking Jenny, and we all know how sick that was,,


UGH, neither. But if I had to choose Chuck and Serena, at lest they wouldnt make me vomit


Ewww, Dan and Blair just dont match. Blair is too awesome for Dan


I would really love to see Dan and Blair get together, because they are both polar opposites and I bet they would be really funny together. But I still want Derena and Chair in the end.


Hey guys.. im thinking it would be interesting to see Dan and Blair... but actually woundlt want it to happen becuase I can tell that Blair would snap his heart in two. And i love Dan too much.. I want to see him happy with either Serena (although she has been annoying me lately... or Vanessa)


Dair all the way.
all the Dan hate & Blair praise cracks me up. they both very flawed & will be the right choice for each other. but not a meaningless hook up a la CV but a real SL that will make them both better people. so much potential there. bring on B's eating disorder problems and make Dan help her. oh such eps like 1x4 & 3x18 is so amazing 4 them. more of this, writers! & VUFUS please! so much chemistry & hopefully the writers stop portraying him as a Lily's dog. VR ftw!


Dair brilliance doesnt deserve to be ruined by these writers. i better read 100000 amazing fics than see a hookup just for Chair to shine. Penn & Leighton dear do a movie together please (lol something better than 'Drive through' :)))))! this amazing chemistry deserves to be on the big screen.


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