True Blood Tweet Reveals Possible Spoiler, HUGE Love Triangle

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In the mood for a major True Blood spoiler? The New York Post claims to be your hook-up.

The entertainment/gossip section of that newspaper has Tweeted the following message, making it look like more romance is on the horizon:

TB Tweet

A shifter and a vampire?!? Sam and Jessica, perhaps?

Send in your guesses and read more about what's ahead on True Blood now!

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I think the triangle will be Jessica, Tommy and Hoyt!


Sam, Bill and Sookie. Lol!


How about Sam, Bill and Sookie, I mean he did have that dream about Bill.. maybe he's harboring some deep seeded feelings for the guy. Haha I know highly unrealistic, but it would be a HUGE love triangle.


Jessica, Sams little brother, and Hoyt duh. Jessica is super close in age to Tommy Mickens and I think she'd be attracted to his bad boy attitude after good boy Hoyt didn't work out.


Jessica, Sam and Sookie. Sookie will always get a lil jealous when Sam likes someone else, and Jessica would appeal to Sam because shes really innocent - like Sookie was at the beginning of season one.


sam jessica and hoyt are quite propable but I don't see them making a HUGE love triangle... But who else could it be??? Bill with someone???? That would cause major love triangle!!!


sam and jessica!!! of course! she could be a waitress at night and then sparks fly..


Eric could have dated one in the past and it understandably ended badly. That could be why this season is about revenge for him.


I think tommy, hoyt, and jessica seem pretty probable...i mean Sam, hoyt, and jessica....I could watch and be intrigued lol.


I think it could be tommy, jessica and hoyt.

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