Will There Be a Heroes Movie?

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Heroes has officially been canceled by NBC.

But talk of a movie - meant to wrap the series up to the satisfaction of fans - continues to persist. Might this actually come to fruition? Entertainment Weekly posed this question to creator Tim Kring. He replied:

No decision has been made. But the Heroes brand is an extremely broad premise. It was a premise about ordinary people, an undisclosed number of people all over the world, who were waking up to these extraordinary abilities. Any number of stories could happen around that. We never posited a single ending or a single premise.  It wasn’t about getting off of an island or stopping something from happening.

We told stories in volumes that had a beginning, a middle, and an end. Those volumes could go on and on and on with many different characters. As a result, that Heroes universe is something that can be tapped into again in many ways. Certainly, a movie is a way to do that and clearly, there is an entire world and a number of platforms that this property could live in. Movies sometimes need a little distance from the television show.

Not Really Injured

Do you wanna see Claire and company in a Heroes TV movie?

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I was fan of Heroes from the start and why would you end it the way they did. You can't leave people hanging like this, so think about a 2 hour finale and don't leave nothing out.


Fuck you NBC (National Bullshit Channel) for canceling Heroes and never finish the story. Assholes!!!!!!!!


aye please i gotta know will there b mnore heroes omg i seen the last season 4th one where clair reveals her secret to the public i gotta know if there is a 5th season i prevote my life to the comic con's i have to know


There has to be a way to bring it back! I need closure! We should get all the heroes fans to donate to a fund to bring it back...


I just started watching Heroes about a month ago and I'm so addicted to the show! Many people want another season (including me, of course!) or maybe two more seasons. C;I don't know why to end a really good show like HEROES, please bring it baaaack!


OMG!, im Just now starting oN Heroes and iM finding out there is only 4 WTF MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. always have to cancel shows that are actually interesting instead of some cop shows.. tired of them!.. ANDDD also hate everytime i get interested in a good show IT gets cancelled WTG..:///// need to get some since and go make a finish to this all SO WE CAN ALL BE HAPPY!.they really made alot of people ANGry .. IM one of them


I'm so pissed you can't even imagine. I just want the sweet buttery ending!


This is typical. You start watching a great show then you bring in all these stupid reality shows. Bring back HEROES!!!!!


Why continus


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Heroes Quotes

Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

Hiro Nakamura

Heroes Music

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Song Road to Joy Bright Eyes
Song Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
Song I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys