90210 Caption Contest: Volume XV 07/30/2010

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As always, we sincerely appreciate everyone who entered this week's 90210 Caption Contest.

But it was easy to crown "Mad Rocks" as the winner for keenly referencing the show's upcoming gay character storyline. Well played, readers.

Thank you to all that participated and remember to play every week!

Classic Caption Pic

Liam: You know Dixon, your eyes look very pretty in this light.
Dixon: Save the flirting for a season 3 storyline.

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Liam : So, how was your trip to Austalia?
Dixon : Ivy dumped me for a Kangourou, which by the way surfs better than you and me together...


I hear a natural disaster is coming to beverly hills.. Yeah it hit last year his name is trevor donovan.


liam:i am so in love with annie.... dixon:go ahead man!!!!!!!!! liam:annie is so getting laid dixon:by who? liam:me!!!!!!!!!!


liam: hey whats wrong
Dixon: I think I just started my period.


Liam:Dude what's wrong?
Dixon:I got a text from A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liam: Do u kno who "A" is?
Dixon: No do u?
Liam: No.


Liam: Hey don't worry buddy! At least you're not one of the potential characters that is gonna 'out' themselves next season!


Dixon:Ellen Quite Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liam:Augh cry me a river!


Liam: Come on, man! Why don't you come play with my boat?


Liam: Hey Man, Annie just sent me a hot sext

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.