90210 Caption Contest: Volume XVI

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Another 90210 Caption Contest has come and gone.

We appreciate all the submissions and we're proud to announce that this edition's winner is "bexcky." This reader took a similar approach as many other users, mocking the show for its lesbian-based ratings grab.

Check out her entry below and thanks again to everyone that played. Come back and do so next week!

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Navid: I spy with my little eye a desperate attempt to grab ratings!

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Navid: Damn did Ade really have to break up with me for a another girl, I mean i dig that too we could have had a three some type of bond.


a weather repoet for the beverly hills area there is a hot front of teen experimentation so boys lock up ur girlfriends or this will happen


Navied , holey moley ade is a lesbinem


Navid: I don't even know why Ade and I broke up. We have so much in common. Especially now we BOTH have redheaded girlfriends who clearly aren't meant for us.


Navid: "I can't believe Ade is kissing another DUDE infront of my face. Who is this guy anyway?"


Navid: Whoa! Wait a second, is that Ad about to kiss Nicole Kidman? Since when did she go to our school...


Navid: I know there's a rule for girls dating gay guys, but what about the other way around?


adrianna: oh theres navid! quick, kiss me and maybe this time hell spring for more than just a lousy bracelet!


Ade ; oh Navied ur such an amazing kisser Gia ; girl u really need ur eyes checked


I'm gonna kill Dixon.


I too get ornery.

Naomi [kicking table]