90210 Caption Contest: Volume XVII

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Another 90210 Caption Contest is in the books. Thanks to everyone that submitted an entry!

For attempting to teach Navid good manners, this week's winner is "Gemma Thompson." That reader sent in the caption below. Check it out and ask yourself: Can I do better?

If so, come back and play every Friday!

Ade and Navid

Adrianna: Navid, did you know its actully rude to not look at me when you shake my hand?

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Ade:Where are you taking me?
Navid:You really haven't heard, you been kicked out the show.


Adrianna - NAVID, did you know its actully rude to not look at me when you shake my hand?


Ade: Um navid, arent you going to lock that? navid: nah, ive got 3 more at home.


ADE: WAIT! Youre taking me to a dark closed in room in an ally? oh ok! NAVID (thinking) Haha she will never even know im kidnapping her. Thank you god for making Ade stupid!!!


Navid(pulling her hand):come on i want to meet big bird
Adrianna: Navid. what are you doing?
Navid: just come on. i just want one autograph, Please.


Navid: Hey, Adrianna, I saw looking at that girl over there...
Adrianna: That was ONE TIME!!


Adrianna: Navid! The shop with your jeans size is the other way!


Adrianna: There's a third season? Navid: Yup.


Methinks M.L. House and the rest of TV Fanatic possess a deep hatred towards 90210. You should be sued for libel.


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