90210 Caption Contest: Volume XVII

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Another 90210 Caption Contest is in the books. Thanks to everyone that submitted an entry!

For attempting to teach Navid good manners, this week's winner is "Gemma Thompson." That reader sent in the caption below. Check it out and ask yourself: Can I do better?

If so, come back and play every Friday!

Ade and Navid

Adrianna: Navid, did you know its actully rude to not look at me when you shake my hand?

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A: oh come on navid, last weeks caption contest has bothing to do with this weeks


Navid: 'And over here we have the Hall of Fame where all the good shows the CW has ever made are honoured.' Ade: 'There's nothing here...' Navid: 'Exactly'.


Navid: HEY! Mr. Matthews....Here's your car! Ade: He really needs to lay off the shibby-ing


navid: im sorry ade but you had your gay storyline and it didnt work out that well the ratings are still low, you even dated a rock star and still nothing! so the writers didnt know how else to save the show but to combine those two and have me chasing after javier over there


ade: navid, maybe you shouldnt have tried that stuff mr matthews gave you because it seems awfully cold for a dip in the ocean....


Navid: "I charged towards danger - and bad storylines."
Adrianna: "I shy away from them."


NAVID: Come on Ade lets get you to your recital! ADE: WHat recital.? i thought we were going to have fun at the amusment park? NAVID: But your hair is in a Ballerina bun, and i will be amused by this, heck it may even turn me on!!!

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