90210 Character to Come Out of Closet on Season Three!

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A major character on 90210 is about to come out of the closet.

In news that producers swear isn't just another ratings-inspired stunt - we're looking at you, Adrianna and Gia! - Entertainment Weekly confirms that one of three male students on the show will reveal himself to be gay this fall.

It will be either Liam, Navid or Teddy.

“We want to address the issue in a real and relatable way,” executive producer Jennie Urman told EW.com.

Liam Court Photo
Photo of Navid
Teddy Shirtless

So, who will it be? It's difficult to say, considering this storyline was clearly concocted out of nowhere. It's hard to believe the show has been dropping clues of any kind over the last season or two.

Our best guess is Teddy. He and Silver have no chemistry; perhaps his ladies' man persona has just been a front; and, well, the guy is sort of metrosexual.

Sound off on this spoiler now in our 90210 forum and vote below: Which of these characters is gay?

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i guess teddy but pleaaaaase NO!!!! but i really really hope its not liam (but i dont hink so)




all this is a joke why does someone have to be gay


navid and ade= not gay
liam (and maybe annie)=probs not gay
teddy= already gay and ugly. he is wayyyyy to old


navid and ade have just reconciled and they will be having problems again very soon? that would be stupid... she shouldn't go on her tour


Eric in Gossip Girl is different because he has a back story.. he has a history of depression and an attempted suicide (maybe not strictly because of him being gay but because he felt alone and so on) and he was never portrayed as liking girls and all and then making a sudden change... him being gay was one of the first things we got to know about him... he has already had 2 male love interests and it's not like he liked one guy once and then went back to girls as if nothing had happened... i know certain people say that it's very common for someone to be in love with a girl one day and a guy the next, however, I don't find that this happens all the time...


OMG THIS IS AWESOME. it's not a week ago that i said to a friend that every good show has a gay character (everybody loves eric on GossipGirl). i was thinking about it and came to the conclusion that 90210 needs one too;D i'm so hoping that it's liam he's the hottest one and they shouldn't destroy navid&ade, teddy being gay makes absolutely no sense if you ask me...SO LIAM FOR GAY;D


Oh please no. That is just so pathetic. The producers try to throw every kind of crisis and drama in that show beginning with drug abuse over bipolar disorders to alcoholism, rape and so on and so on and it mostly seems too shallow and unimportant in the end. Not to mention the relationship storylines. I'm still mad how they managed to make the first half of season 2 basically all about Naomi and Liam and then end things between them so horribly. I mean these topics are developed over several episodes but when the plot is through it kind of is water under the bridges like Silvers bipolar disorder. And now that... again. Ade and Gia sort of reminded me of Marissa and Alex (The O.C.) cute but somehow unnecessary. I know there are guys out there that seem to be straight and then turn out to be gay. I think that these people are going to a mayor inner struggle and have a hard time finding their peace of mind and I'm so sure 90210 will blatantly fail to show that in an authentic serious way that treats homosexuality with respect.


they already did this with Ade and then kind of dropped it. And now they are going to do this with one the guys? They talk about wanting to do it "in a real and relatable way" but they pull it out of the blue. I mean, I know that a guy doesn't have to act all queer for him to be gay, but they haven't shown any kind of internal struggle with any of them, they haven't thrown any clues out there, so it's really stupid and not well developed. For it to be believable, all the thing should take like 10 episodes lol (not 2 or 3)... and then, they shouldn't drop it.

Matt richenthal

@gossipgirloc: The producer confirmed it was one of these three.

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