90210 Season Premiere Scoop: A Natural Disaster to Come!

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The third season of 90210 will feature a death, a legal battle and an openly gay main male character.

But how will it actually kick off its move to Monday nights on September 13? With an earthquake in Beverly Hills.

"We wanted to open the season with an event that has both physical and emotional ramifications for several people," executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman told TV Guide, adding that the tremors will result in a life-altering change for one individual:

"One of them has a very serious injury that takes time to resolve and sort of changes the direction of his or her life."

What do you think, fans? Another 90210 ratings stunt? Or an intriguing storyline to which you look forward?

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I might be a bit slow on this but I think Teddy gets hurt in the earthquake and thats what destroys his tennis career.


@peterW thanks 4 the spoilers...can u give me the website....BTW...i already knew that annie will be in love with someone else..but there's an episode that annie and liam are making out..that is so awesome...i am so watching...to all of u 90210 haters pls don't comment hear..back the hell of....


REALTED TO SPOILERS::: @PeterW: WHO IS OSCAR?!? n liam's half brother is Charlie?? O.o poor naomi! I think the idea of having Mr. Cannon go after another student (like silver) is pretty interesting. I bet Cannon getting caught will be the mid-season finale epi. I wonder who blackmails Adrianna. for some reason now I feel like I'm really looking forward to this season.. hopefully it'll be as good, if not better, than season 1!! :D


the thing i liked about this show was silver and dixon. they were the only ones who I thought had chemistry but they had to go and ruin that. hopefully they'll find one thing and stick to it.


mr.90210 thanks for that was just about to write the same thing until i saw that i mean damn if dixon went out for ice cream is that rating stunt i mean ratings is what keep them on just wait and see


I think that annie's dad will die as it is the only logical way to get rid of his character now.


javier will dine in a car accident i am assuming that is because he is now cast on Pretty Little Liars


@ M.L. House "don't many of these seem to come out of left field? It's like throwing major developments against the wall and just seeing which stick.
Know what I mean? " This has always been 90210's number 1 issue for me. They definitely don't plan things out well. Some couples in the show don't work due to lack of chemistry (Silver & Teddy), and they should have made sure the two actors worked well together before hiring the actor who plays Teddy. Then the writers try out Annie and Liam and give them this awful fountain scene. They gave Annie this big story line that ultimately leads to nothing, because she gets no consequences from it. Harry's lost son story line was dropped. Adrianna's all over the place. One minute she's into Navid, then she cheats on him, then she goes on drugs again, gets off them and gets with Gia, breaks up with Gia, goes with Javier, and now is back with Navid. The writers are so sloppy, and need to slow things down not speed things up.

Matt richenthal

We simply posed the ratings stunt question and left it to readers to answer. But here's why I said it often:
There's no consistency to various big storylines. A main gay character? An earthquake? A death? There's no straight line of logic from last season to these events. A well-written show plots in advance and storylines seamlessly run into one after another - don't many of these seem to come out of left field? It's like throwing major developments against the wall and just seeing which stick.
Know what I mean?


Once again, 90210 is not always number 1 on dvr. Plus dvr means nothing to advertisers. Also people are complaining about ratings stunts, because that's what the writers are known for. They did it in season two with Gia/Ade, Annie's story line, the Big season finale or should I say lackluster finale. Now we have an earthquake and death in the first episode, and now another gay story line coming out of nowhere. These are obvious ratings stunts in my opinion, and you can't blame them because the ratings went down a lot in the second half. If they don't get the ratings up, and people continue not to watch then it will get canceled in season three point blank.

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