90210 Season Three Spoilers: A Death, A Court Battle, An Older Man

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A large majority of 90210 fans are irate at the show for its plan to reveal one of its male leads as gay.

But while readers debate this upcoming storyline in our 90210 forum, we can announce a few other spoilers for season three. To wit:

  • Someone will die on the season premiere.
  • Naomi will win a legal battle with Jen in regard to their finances.
  • Annie will start a romance with an older guy, one possibly related to Liam.
Fun Boat Ride

What does the future hold for Annie and Liam? We'll find out when 90210 premieres on a new night, Monday September 13!

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Annie's Storylines: Her employer asks her to donate her eggs, and is willing to pay $20,000, but she rejects the offer. She gets an intership at the Abott Playhouse (theatre). Her evil cousin, Emily, comes and takes her role in a production, flirts with liam, and tells Annie friends she has been backbiting about them because Annie tells her parents she is a copy-cat. Annie has enough and gets into a cat fight, (It's high time) "Emily! What the hell is wrong with you?! Why are you trying to ruin my life?!" - fight scene. "She's weird, and creepy, and i just wish she would get her own life, and stop trying to steal mine"- rant about Emily (It's getting hot in here) Annie and Liam get together again. Naomi Spoilers: Naomi wears sweatpants to school(!) Cannon traps her in her own room. Cannon gets arrested. She kisses teddy, but he's gay. She goes to a yoga retreat, has a good time, and stays longer than her friends. She makes friends with Guru Sona - who scams her out of 'hundreds and thousands of dollars'. Falls for a nerd????


Teddys gay not liam!


u r so right.....i am so agreeing with u...i love annie and liam together....they make a great couple


I know everyone hates Annie and Liam, but I really think they go together pretty well. Lots of Liam and Naomi fans, but come on.... this is TV, let it happen! Lets see where they take it, and if Liam and Naomi are sooo good together, they will wind up back together.


where did u get the spoilers???


Spoilers) It's javier who dies, annie is going to hook up with liam's older brother. Teddy is the one going gay --- for now.


If someones gay next season I promise my sister & I will stop watching. I was one of the few 90210 supporters left... but at this point, forget it. Ade was already gay & everyone thought it sucked and was stupid. If it happens again I'm done. good luck having a season 4 90210!!!


Jasper should really get out of the way, and I'm so sorry to say so but I love Naomi to death but I guess all her lying will come back to hunt her when her little white lie actually comes true and she gets raped.
I hope Jen dies she annoys me.


Summer Says:
July 22nd, 2010 4:38 PM
It would make sense if it was Harry that died. really!!!!


please say liam is not gay.. and annie and an older guy?? no i want lannie!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.