Change on the Way for Mad Men... Sort of

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Based on a few quotes and spoilers - and especially this poster - it's clear that Don Draper and company will have a fresh start when season four of Mad Men premieres on July 25.

New series regular Jared Harris (Lane Pryce) echoes that sentiment, telling TV Guide this week:

"It's almost like this first episode is a new pilot. [Creator Matthew Weiner] gets to chuck all the cards up in the air and rearrange them in any way he wants again."

Those cards will definitely include the progress of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce; Betty's relationship with her new man; and Pete and Peggy's working relationship.

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While Weiner acknowledges change is on the way, he also says the consequences of previous seasons will always play a pivotal role on the drama:

"I wanted to have a continuity of these characters and things that are happening to them... and don't pretend like that they didn't happen. At the same time, be prepared for the fact that [for] a lot of the things that happened, you're going to have to watch and see how they worked out."

In conclusion, star Jon Hamm shoots down almost any talk of characters truly evolving. He says:

"I think the show has ably proven over its first three seasons that people don't really change their ways."

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In the 3rd season when JFK is assassinated, the tv's people are watching have fluctuating unclear screens. I was a kid then and the tv pictures was clear and stable. Also when Betty is asked (allegedly in l963) what her favorite movie is, she mentions Singing in the Rain, which was a 1952 film. I doubt if she'd chose an 11 yr. old film as a favorite.

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It's been a pleasure working with you all. I wish you the best of luck.


Betty: I'm sure your father's given you a beer.
Sally: My father's never given me anything.