Ed Westwick: On the Run!

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Spotted: Ed Westwick on the move, hopping out of a car and making his way to an undisclosed location. Is Chuck Bass on the run from those European gangsters?

No, it's just Ed arriving late to the set of Gossip Girl, shooting on location in Queens. Yup, the heart throb is back in ol' New York, along with the rest of his co-stars.

The handsome actor has just returned from Paris, France, where he shot scenes for the new season with Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and Clemence Poesy.

Here he is en route to the set ...

Ed Westwick on the Move
Ed W. On the Run
Marlboros in Hand

Better late than ever, right Ed? [Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

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fucking disgusting


I love Ed!! He is the hottest man on earth.


mean reds.


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does anyone would know where they will be from the time 7/23rd -27th? My wife and i are huge fans of the show and i would love to suprise her .. thanks


omg hahah he is sooooo amazinggg xx

Chair pawn gg

what's up with the slippers??? i think he should dress more proper in real life.


I Love ED but i wish he would quit smoking!!! what is with the tongue always out??? when he was on 7pm project he did it so much the girl commented on it......


Lol I love Glee as well tehe


Of course, the entire time I'm in New York (during the hottest summer I can remember!), they are in Paris...and the second I leave--back in NYC.
He really should stop smoking, though...I didn't find it hard to quit! The taxes!


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