Ed Westwick: Turning Gossip Girl Cast Against Jessica Szohr!

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Here's a little piece of real-life Gossip Girl gossip from New York Magazine:

Jessica Szohr supposedly wants Ed Westwick back after their recent split, which reportedly took place after she hooked up with his best friend (this is disputed).

In any case, the actor is "heartbroken" and won't have it!

There's no question where allegiances lie: The Gossip Girl cast is alienating her, celebrating Chace Crawford's birthday without her and excluding her from dinner parties.

Harsh! This coincides with other reports that Jessica and Ed will not be attending the same premieres and parties (Gossip Girl events notwithstanding) any more.

Guess the Twelve premiere was her turn ...


Ed and Jessica in happier times.

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@meow, if you see this please explain the British thing. I want to know! Thank you.


And Steve needs to do some research before making these shitposts. His credibility hangs in the balance.


eh, I don't know what's real and what is for the press in their relationship. I wouldn't be surprised if they were never dating ever, and that it was all just for publicity. haha. or maybe the break up was just for publicity.


@sam: Well, if you wish it hard enough it might happen one day: http://bit.ly/b7QMXu
Just not today.


one word: yay!!!!!


@xphade of course! it is called "refusal to let ed be dumb enough to get back with that cheating skank"
hahaa. I just want her off the show, like for real, her character is in the top three most annoying/hated.


@sam: What are you smoking, and can I have some?


You people wouldn't understand. It's a British thing. :-)


@C.C. maybe those times they went out were his attempts at trying to get past everything and be friendly, but he realized it just wasn't working and it was too hard for him to be around her, and thus the seemingly extreme measures now.
Just a thought.


@Sam he actually has been out with her since their "post-break-up", he has been doing a movie lately and been in and out of the country. She has been doing movies out in LA and been doing promotion for her projects.


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