Gossip Girl Caption Contest 114

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Welcome back, Upper East Siders, to the 114th Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

This week's edition of the Caption Contest has nothing to do with Little J, but our winner is LittleJ. Congratulations! The winning entry now appears beneath the photo.

Honorable mentions go out to *HS* and Melissa. Thank you, as always, to everybody who participated and best of luck again in next week's Caption Contest!

Georgina and Chuck Photo

Chuck: I don't hate you because you're fat, you're fat because I hate you.
Georgina: I'm pregnant.
Chuck: I still hate you.

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Georgina: You're touching me, Chuck.
Chuck: Let's not pretend like it's the first time. You're clearly nothing like a virgin.


Chuck: We have everything ready for you arrival. You'll find your coffin's over here.


georgina: omg i need sex NOW!
chuck: you came to the wrong person! i am blair's AND i'm a priest. DOUBLE THREAT!


Georgina: Forgive me Father, I have sinned.
Chuck: First, they turning me into some Dr. House and now into a priest.....


Georgina: Chuck, you remember how I lost my virginity to you way back when, like 2 or 3 years ago? Chuck: Yes... Georgina: Well, I just figured out that I'm pregnant.


What's that.. your hair isn't real?!


Georgina: Forgive me father for I have sinned.
Chuck: Is this your way of telling me I'm the baby daddy?


Georgina: My life is totally screwed up.
Chuck: Join the club. At least you have a baby in your belly instead of a bullet in your body.


Chuck:Your Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
G:Why would'nt I Chuck?
Chuck:Someone killed you Allison.
G:Who the hell is Allison?
Chuck:oh right it's just you Georgina,of crouse you wouldnt know who Allison is because you too dumb to know how to read or turn on your tv!


Georgina: I don't know about this whole labor thing...
Chuck: Well, Georgie, luckily you and labor have two things in common: you come when you least expect it and leave a big mess behind!

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