Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chair to Reunite in Paris?

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What's the deal with Chuck and Blair?

Gossip Girl fans have been asking this for the better part of several seasons, but the question carries a different weight now, given the shocking events of May's finale.

The inclusion of Bass' new babe, Eva (guest star) Clemence Po├ęsy, to whom he is indulging in some serious lip locking in Paris, has fans understandably concerned.

Is this a sign of things to come?

E! Online sheds some light on the future of Chair in its spoiler chat today. Here are the answers to two Gossip Girl-related questions in the website's mailbag ...

Westwick and Poesy
Baby Time For Dan?

Both these images have Gossip Girl fans buzzing this week.

Q: So what is the deal here? Chuck and his new girl have been kissing all over Paris, but where have Blair and Serena been? Why aren't she and Chuck still apart?

A: Gossip Girl and the games they play. First, let us remind you that we should all be rejoicing the fact that Chuck Bass is alive and well after that near-fatal finale.

He is seriously rockin' that cane too, might we add.

The bulk of what's getting out on the Internet from Gossip Girl's shoot in Paris is mainly Chuck and his new gal-pal, and Blair and Serena pushing each other into fountains. But we have it on good authority that B and C will in fact reunite in the City of Light.

There are some discussions to be had.

Don't expect the two to head back to NYC all lovey-dovey, but maybe, just maybe Blair will begin to forgive Chuck for his Jenny-wandering ways.

Q: Any Gossip Girl fun to pass along?

A: Look at what we found! Daddy-to-be Dan and his apparently back from Haiti girlfriend Vanessa aren't taking this potential parenthood thing lightly.

After learning he's going to have a little bundle of joy with that big bundle of joy Georgina in the finale, D and V were spotted pushing around a stroller (with a fake baby ... practice makes perfect?!?) in New York this week. But it's nice to see these two looking happy, no?

Well, what do you predict is on the horizon for Chair ... and Danessa? Your comments on these Gossip Girl spoilers are encouraged below!

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I don't know what to make of this. Anything is possible-- except that the baby is Vanessa's or that Chuck and Blair are really over. Chuck loves Blair too much and he probably always will, and Vanessa wasn't pregnant. Here are some possibilities: Chuck suffered temporary memory loss from his accident, and so is able to have some feelings for this girl. Or, as the title "Double Identity" suggests, he's pretending to be someone else, and she's part of his cover. Ooh, I don't know if I like that-- it sounds complicated. Dan and Vanessa are babysitting Dorita's baby so that she and her new husband can have a day off together. Whatever, the picture is pretty funny. Six weeks is a long time to wait to find out what happens. Ugh.


I can't stop laughing at the picture of the "fake baby" in the stroller


Are you serious with this? Let's make it more clear that the show is all about Chuck. I was hoping to see him fight for Blair. Guess it's always on her. This show sucks.


What is Vanessa doing in the show at all?????


Beautiful Amazing chair.


i cant stop laughing at chuck with the cane :') i hope he doesn't have it for too long!!!!


BRING THEM BACK TOGETHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@katie, first of all i know she slept with jack on nye but i was referring to the time chuck set blair up. he didn't sleep with her that time smart one


OUU and I agree, I loved season 3 Chuck and Blair!!! Of course certain aspects of their relationship were lacking (steamy sex scenes) but I LOVE a happy, sweet, season 3 Chuck and Blair more so than them just being "friends with benefits"... Season 1&2 Chuck and Blair was great while it lasted but they've evolved! They need to be a couple now!!! Hopefully the writers can find a nice balance between it all!


GRR! I hate Eva already! Get your hands off of B's man, bitch! But who cares... Chuck and Blair are meant to be! They'll come out on top as they always do! :)

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