Gossip Girl Updates: Latest on Chair, Derena

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Are Chuck and Blair going to be together on Gossip Girl this upcoming season? Maybe at some point? What about Dan and Serena when the show returns September 13?

E! Online offers the following updates on the two couples in its spoiler Q&A:

Q: Please, some good Gossip Girl news! I heard that Clémence Poesy (Eva) is going to be a series regular now. Please say that's not so! I want hope for Chuck and Blair.

A: Sources say Clémence Poésy is not a series regular for the coming season, and Blair does not have a new love interest in the works. So maybe that's ... something?!

Ed, Clemence Pic

Ed and Clemence in New York last week.

While fans' hopes for a Chair reconciliation should be tempered, at least in the early going, there is definitely hope, despite the addition of Mr. Bass' new European lady love.

In other news, those photos of Dan and Vanessa pushing around a stroller? Rumor has it that's Dan's actual baby! Shocked they're going through with that storyline. You?

Q: Will Dan and Serena be together when this season starts?

A: The latest is I'm hearing is no, they will not be. Can't imagine what she doesn't see in her sorta-kinda half brother soon to be with child!

Thoughts? Opinions? Theories? Share!

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Chuck should really fight for Blair this time, for once in his life in SEASON 4... For the past three seasons, Blair has always been the one to adjust/give in and save him.... I find it very unfair that while Blair pines for him , Chuck gets a fresh start and an arm candy to boot.... I hate you JS and SS! If you keep up with this SL, GG will surely be canceled just like the OC.


Blair dated Nate for months after she first hooked up with Chuck, and they still ended up together afterwards. Eva doesn't worry me. If Chair love each other as much as they seem to, Eva can't change that. Besides, Chuck and Blair have always worked through their issues and forgave each other eventually, and became stronger people, unlike the other couples in the show. Between awful betrayals, they have kept getting better for each other. It would be a shame if all that pain and working through issues was for nothing. As much of a jerk as he can be sometimes, Chuck has made up his mind, and he truly loves his girl, and that's why Blair is so attached to him. You can't say that about any of the other guys in the show. Will the writers really do away with the only solid love in the show? I don't think so. That's just wrong. There's no way that Dan and Serena can be together at the beginning of S4-- Dan has to figure out the baby thing first. But if Dan and Serena get together ever, first Dan needs to get over Vanessa for good and stop wavering, and Serena needs to stop lying so much- and she needs to figure out who she is-- or they'll never last. I don't have a loyalty to Dan or Nate. I just want one of them to make up his mind about Serena. The guy who does that, is the guy who deserves her. Neither of them deserves her right now.


without chair this show will die!!! oh just for the record Serenate and Chair are the main couples, actually in the books the only male main character was Nate, but when these people made this show they said they would make Chuck a main character too, so derena is NOT a main couple, but I don´t hate them, I liked them in season 1, it´s just that Nate has been through a lot more to be with her, so I guess that when Serena realize of this, she´ll choose Nate.


Im only gonna start watching season 4 when Eva is gone.


"DERENA is boring?? what? you all want a "romance" like CHAIR or SERENATE??"
Yes, Yes derena it is boring in fact, And yes, yes we prefer a thousand times Serenate & Chair, so what?? we love this couples just because you don´t, it doesn´t mean we´re wrong, and before saying things like this:
"only Derena shows genuine love among the GG couples."
please try to remember, didn´t Dan slept with Georgina when he was still with Serena?? ohh sorry but that´s genuine love right?


When are you people going to move on??? face it once for all! derena had their time in season 1, and they were OK then, but serena´s end game is Nate or.. nobody!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOSH!!


Blair shouldn't fight for Chuck . Chuck should fight for Blair ( for ONCE in his entire life ) . So why give Chuck a new girlfriend and make Blair jealous of HER ? It doesn't make any sense at all . I don't get the whole ''make Blair look desparate/weak '' The writers must remember that she acctually is queen B . They seriously need to remember WHO Blair really are , as a character! Im not a huge Chair fan at all . But i found them intresting and fun to watch . But when you really think about it ... Doesn't Blair deserve someone better ? Look at everything Chuck has put her through ... love isn't just three words eight letters Chuck .. ITS THE ACTIONS THAT MATTERS !


DERENA is boring?? what? you all want a "romance" like CHAIR or SERENATE?? you guys don't know true love if you do! only Derena shows genuine love among the GG couples..


geez.. you CHAIR fans are deluded.. you still think they're saints after what they do to each other and how they ruin other people.. how pathetic! SERENATE fans only care about looks! barbie and ken?? please! even they did not end up together! get a life people! seriously! make your own stupid show and stop bashing the characters you don't like! honestly! you disgust me!


lmao. I love the Dan's hate here. What an annoying character. All my friends were so mad at him when he punched Chuck in the season finale. Who does he think he is. Good that the baby is him, karma. And about chair, I dont need them to get back together right now, but I want them to be the main SL in season 4 and no more stupid OMG moments for them. They need to find their way back to each other. I didnt like season 3 because there was so little chair, I hope season 4 is more focused on them,

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