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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 220

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Welcome back to the 220th TVF Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest!

This week's Caption Contest winner is fluffyfish. Congratulations!

The winning entry now appears below. Great job by everyone this week. Honorable mentions go out to katiee, McCreamy, Monkeyyor9 and musiclove17. Thank you again, everyone, for playing each week and best of luck in the next Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest!

Mark Shirtless

Perky Blonde: Hi! I'm a missionary from the church and I'd like to hear your position on God!
Lexie (from inside): Since when does the Sloan Method involve the missionary position?

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    "Oh God, I thought I'd ordered a brunette."


    " oh god Cristina, does everyone have to go blonde?


    Lexie: "You never licked anything off my back!"

    Mark: "I'm sorry I didn't realize you would want that!"

    Lexie: "Thats why we broke up!"

    Mark: "What!?"


    Mark: Lexie! so that wasn't you i just slept with. Why are there so many damn blondes in this hospital?


    Mark "Hey in my defence it is really really cold okay! Im just saying really cold"


    Mark: You're not the Chinese food I ordered.....


    Mark: Oh holy crap! I keel you!
    Blond: Say what?




    Mark: Ali?!?

    Ali Fedotowsky: Pick me, choose me, love me!


    Oh, Jenny, you're about to give birth to my baby and you want to get married before it's born? We have to do this fast. Do you happen to have a post-it on you?

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