Jessica Capshaw Previews Return of Grey's Anatomy

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Grey’s Anatomy has made some controversial casting moves over the years, but we've yet to hear a negative word about the addition of Jessica Capshaw as Dr. Arizona Robbins.

The pediatric surgeon is a fan favorite, at least among TV Fanatic staff writers, and her unexpected romance with Sara Ramirez's Dr. Callie Torres has been a treat to watch.

Jessica recently spoke with Fancast about the intense sixth season finale, what's to come this fall, her favorite things about Arizona and her character's best quotes so far.

Excerpts below (follow the link here for the full interview):

On shooting the new season so far: "It’s looking great. I’ve had people coming up to me for three months now commenting on that season finale. [Laughs] People were a good kind of traumatized by it. It inspired and excited and revved them up!"

In a 'Zona

On when the new season picks up: "It’s pretty soon after those events, and we’re dealing with what has just happened, putting the pieces back together again. Shonda so famously said it was a 'game changer' and it’s hard to live up to that, but it really was a game changer. Now you’ll see how the game has changed for all the different personalities."

On the previous season finale: "It was such an experience. At the table read for the first part of the season finale, I was worried for my unborn child, my blood pressure was so through the roof. Every time the gunman would come around the corner, we’d just be terrified! It wasn’t until the second part that he came into peds, and literally, when they got to the stage direction where he appears in the door, I screamed. Screamed, screamed, screamed – a lot. It was all very well mapped out, and it amply terrified everyone."

On working with Shonda Rhimes: "You know what, I adore her. I certainly came into the party later than everyone else, but I have a great relationship with her. I really like her and respect her. I think it’s pretty amazing what she does. I think about being a parent and running what she runs ... It’s insane, she just does so much."

On Arizona’s original stance on not wanting to have kids: "I was surprised because everyone was surprised. Even though though [Arizona] said it has nothing to do with her brother having died, I think there’s some of that in there ... Also, I was talking to one of the writers and she said – and I think it’s so true – that Arizona needed some dirtying up. She was so perfect."

On what she loves about Arizona: "I love what I feel like I learn from her, which is that you can be plucky and funny and nice and sweet and humorous and outrageous and overenthusiastic – all positive traits – while having an opinion and saying no."

On the favorite Grey's Anatomy quotes and scenes from her character: "Last year’s 'I’m a good man in a storm' was pretty great, when Arizona was talking to Callie’s father (Hector Elizondo). But I also love where I was talking to Karev about not judging parents – that you you can help people but until you’ve had a screaming infant or a lying teenager, you don’t get to judge. Also, there was one from like my second or third episode, when I knew nothing about her on a personal note – as a matter of fact that’s when Justin and I totally thought [our characters] were going to end up being an item. [Laughs] I was on the plane with him coming back from getting an organ and I’m talking about Valentine’s Day coming up and he’s like, 'What the f— are you talking about? We just took an organ out of a small child.' And I say – it’s the whole 'rainbows and crap' speech – 'You don’t think I know what we just did? I see those coffins all the time. In my sleep. But you have to look forward to the next kid so that you can do your job.'"

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Of course there is no negative things about Arizona . . . IT'S ARIZONA ! She's great ! :) And I love that she can remember a lot of the quotes she's used .


Jessica Capshaw is a great actress I defenitely love her and Arizona yessssssss she is the most adorable character in GA


I love Arizona and Callie together. Jessica and Sara are perfect actresses for those characters and they enhance each other's performances. One without the other would be UGH, in my opinion. I love them both and thank the heavens that Shonda kept saying no to Jessica until they cast her as Arizona. No one else can play this part. No one, just as no one can play Callie like Sara. Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait until Sept. 23.


Arizona has basically become my favorite character on the show now! I absolutely adore her and Jessica Capshaw is a wonderful addition to the cast!


Arizona and Jessica is my favorite person on Grey's! Arizona is so happy and smiling and is hilarious and so is Jessica. Can't wait for season 7 to see how Arizonas storyline looks like this year!!


My fav on Grey's NOW!! Definitely JCap is awesome as Arizona. I adore Jessica too!


Jessica Capshaw is a fantastic actress! It's such a pleasure to watch her on this show. She brings to life a fantastic character with a strong moral compass, great discipline, yet child like joy and sincerity, She is a breath of fresh air in what is otherwise a dark gray, angst filled hour.


I absolute adore Jessica Capshaw... I'm glad they made her a season regular, she truly is a fan favorite! I can't wait till season 7 begins, I'm just counting the days! YAY!

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